Why Chelsie Wears A Ring Fellow Contestant Cass Gave Her Instead Of The One From Matt

If you were one of the many people who tuned into 'The Bachelor' finale, you'd also know that Matt gave Chelsie a very expensive 'memory' ring to mark the start of their relationship.

It was designed and created by Larsen jewellers and reportedly came with a $30,000 price tag.

According to senior jeweller Kate Reid, the custom-made ring has an impressive 3.73ct rectangular cushion cut grey Spinel gemstone in the centre with two shield cut diamonds on either side and is set in 18ct rose gold.

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Matt was said to be taken back by the rarity of the colours and shapes of some truly unique gemstones and along with that came a rather large price tag.

And given how much the ring is worth, Chelsie has opened up on Instagram, stating that she wears a different ring "day to day when I can't be trusted with the ring that Matt gave me in the finale".

The replacement ring that Chelsie wears is an 'M' ring, symbolising the first letter of her boyfriend's name. But it has another special tie to 'The Bachelor' as well.

The ring was in fact, made for Chelsie by fellow contestant Cassandra Mamone -- a a prominent jewellery maker -- with her earrings, necklaces and rings being popular among celebrities such as Carrie Bickmore, Kylie Gillies, Sonia Kruger, and Samantha Jade, just to name a few.

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Chelsie added this goes to show how strong her relationships with her fellow Bachelor contestants are even after filming has wrapped and the season has ended.

"I think that goes to show that genuine friendships were formed and that we really are mature about the whole thing," she wrote.

The new ring joins an ever growing collection of sentimental jewellery, including a bar necklace Matt gave Chelsie during one of their final dates on 'The Bachelor'.

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It has the formula for oxytocin -- the 'love chemical' -- engraved on it which has special meaning for the couple as it is tied in Chelsie's arrival on the show where the pair first met.

Featured image: Instagram