A Bride Is Furious That Her Sister In Law Wore A White Dress To Her Wedding

The anonymous bride wrote about the experience she had with her sister in law and mother in law prior to the wedding that came to a head on the big day.

Sharing her experience on Reddit, the bride said she found the photo of the gown that her sister in law intended to wear on her mother in law's phone, adding that her sister in law refused to show her the gown herself.

“I don’t know what it is but it looks like like they’re either jealous or just sabotaging the wedding,” the bride wrote.

“We’ve had no problems in the past...This is just a tiny part of a long list [of issues]. Wearing white with lace is just an a-hole move.”

A similar photo of the dress that the bride shared. Image: Reddit

The bride said she wanted to overlook what she thought was an inappropriate choice of attire to avoid an argument but she had concerns that the decision was 'intentional'.

“If she wore the dress in blush I really wouldn’t care,” she added.

Even if it’s just a white cocktail dress I wouldn’t mind. It’s the combination of white and lace...

The bride shared a look-alike photo of the dress to the forum prior to the wedding but then also posted an update, sharing a photo of her with her sister-in-law wearing the dress on her wedding day.

Many labelled the move 'petty and immature' with other stating they would be furious had this happened on their wedding day.

"You don't outclass the bride. It's her day," wrote one. "The fact that she’s not showing you the picture means she knows what she’s doing is wrong," added another.

The bride with her sister in law on the wedding day. Image: Reddit

Speaking to 10 daily, Ivory Tribe said that it comes down to the couple's wishes about whether or not it's suitable to wear white to a wedding.

"The couple might not give a damn, but traditionally speaking -- its polite to leave wearing white to the bride," they said.

"Except on the occasion that the bride and groom request that their guests adhere to their all-white dress code, showing up in the shade is generally frowned up."

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This was the case for Christine Chrayche, an interior designer who wanted to have an out of the box wedding and decided to have an all white theme, including all of the clothing.

"From the start I wanted all white and Luke was happy to let me run with it," she told 10 daily.

"The whole theme was white with some native flowers for greenery. I also wanted to make the day all about us, guests included, not just me."

Christine at her all white wedding. Image:

Ivory Tribe further advise that if you're unsure if your choice of wedding attire is appropriate or not, that you should check with the bride and groom.

"But be mindful their answer could be ‘no’," they advise.

Featured image: Reddit