Rebecca Judd Has Always Been A Staple On The Brownlow Red Carpet -- Not This Year

She's often referred to as a 'super WAG' and her daring red dress marked the beginning of the Brownlow Medal becoming an iconic red carpet event.

The Australian model and television presenter made Brownlow history 15 years ago in 2004, when she wore a red dress with an incredible dip in the front down to her navel.

It was the moment that the fashion on the red carpet took the attention away from the sporting blokes the wives and girlfriends were there to support.

Suddenly, in the presence of that ground breaking frock, it was all about what the women were wearing. While her then boyfriend Chris Judd took home the prestigious Brownlow medal that year, all eyes were well and truly on Rebecca.

The iconic red dress Bec wore in 2004. Image: Getty

Bec became a media buzz and her red carpet moment was the only thing anyone could seem to talk about.

It was this moment that would then set the precedent for not only Judd herself year on year, but all of the women in attendance from that moment forward.

So much so that when the designer of the dress, Ruth Tarvydas, passed away in 2014, Judd paid tribute to her loss on Twitter by writing: “You changed my life with your red dress Ruth. RIP beautiful lady" along with a kiss.

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Year in year out Bec grew in popularity with many seeking out her looks as she lead the charge in the style stakes. That's why this year, her presence was noticeably absent on the 2019 Brownlow Medal red carpet.

The mum-of-four decided to give the prestigious sporting event a miss, explaining why she wasn't there on her Instagram account.

"I’m taking the year off for newborn cuddles in Perth but I cannot wait to see some of my fave girls on the Brownlow coverage tonight," she wrote.

Along with her message, Bec shared a photo of herself in her incredible custom-made J'Aton Couture gown that she wore to the Brownlows last year.

The pastel purple dress had a structured bodice with a strapless neckline along with delicate patterned embroidery.

Bec tagged her close friends including fellow WAG Nadia Bartel, who recently separated from her husband Jimmy Bartel when rumours of his cheating went public, honouring her hosting obligation on the red carpet.

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She also mentioned Jerri Jones, the wife of Nathan Jones and Jessie Murphy, the wife of Marc Murphy, while wishing luck to Patrick Cripps and Carlton Football Club.

Bec was with her sister Kate Twigley in Perth, who gave birth to her second child, a daughter named Scarlett recently, sharing many adorable pictures of her on her Instagram story.

Many said Bec's absence allowed a new generation of WAGs to step into the spotlight as they all graced the red carpet and the coverage of the event graced newspapers and homepages Australia-wide.

Yet her husband Chris Judd was still in attendance at the Brownlows on Monday night, posing on the red carpet and doing media interviews before rushing into the venue.

Bec has been by Chris' side at the Brownlow since they started dating in 2004 and the pair have only missed two ceremonies during that time.

Yet despite Chris being there, Google searches for where his wife was were higher. And with many making more of a fuss over her absence than her husband's attendance, it was obvious that she was very much missed.

Featured image: Getty