The Mystery Of The Necklace Matt Gave Chelsie On 'The Bachelor' Has Been Solved

Chelsie during an interview last week said she no longer had the meaningful necklace in her possession.

It was one of the sweetest moments of 'The Bachelor' season when in one of their final dates, Matt Agnew surprised Chesie with a safe where she used a series of maths related clues to break the combination.

The code for the safe was an equation, with each of the numbers symbolic of each one of their dates which Matt adorably dubbed 'the sum of us' and tied in everything that they loved doing together during show.

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When Chelsie cracked the code, she opened the safe to find a gift box inside containing a gold bar necklace with the formula for oxytocin -- the 'love chemical' -- engraved on it.

It had special meaning for the couple because when Chelsie met Matt, she gave him a temporary tattoo that was the chemical structure of oxytocin which she placed just above his heart. Matt chose the necklace in return so it would also always be close to Chelsie's heart.

The necklace Matt gave to Chelsie. Image: Instagram/Network 10

Yet speaking to 10 daily following the finale and the big reveal that Matt had chosen Chelsie last week, the Melbourne local said she had not been wearing the necklace because she no longer had it in her possession.

"I had to hand it in just in case because I couldn't have been seen wearing it," she told 10 daily last Thursday.

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Given the high level of interest around 'The Bachelor' with the women usually being under intense public scrutiny as many try to speculate who Matt has chosen, it was deemed too risky for Chelsie to wear it in public.

Yet Chelsie said as soon as it's returned to her, she will definitely begin wearing it again. "I will get to have it back, I'll be wearing it once I do," she said.

And on Monday night during an appearance on 'Have You Been Paying Attention?' Chelsie finally solved great necklace mystery of 2019.

The panel were asked a series of questions about the safe Matt Agnew got Chelsie to crack open when they were quizzed on what it contained.

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When they guessed it was the necklace (but not before cracking a series of jokes) host Tom Gleisner asked: "Is it the one you're wearing right now?"

"It is the one I'm wearing," Chelsie answered in response. So hallelujah, Chelsie now has the necklace back in her possession. But that's not where the wise cracks ended.

For 'bonus points' Chelsie invited the panel to answer what was written on the necklace, to which Ed Kavalee responded... "Abbie". And ouch... you can also feel that burn.

But we're glad the great necklace mystery of 2019 has finally been solved.

Featured image: Instagram