Abbie On Why She Thinks Her Outfits Got Shamed More Than The Other Contestants

Abbie has been no stranger to scandal and her outfits on 'The Bachelor' throughout the season have caused more of a stir than most others.

One outfit in particular that copped a lot of criticism was the dress and blazer combo she wore during her hometown date with Matt. Comments such as 'Abbie, did you forget your pants?' flooded her Instagram.

Not one to let the negativity get to her, Abbie even poked fun at herself in her caption on the photo, writing, "When you’re so nervous about your family meeting your new boyfriend that you forget to wear pants."

Yet what's interesting is when you compare Abbie's outfits on the show to the other women and you realise, they're really not all that different.

They're definitely no more revealing and even if they were, it shouldn't matter because Abbie is an adult who can, quite frankly, wear whatever she likes.

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But when asked about why she thinks her outfits got more criticism than the other women's, Abbie had a theory.

"Yeah, I think it's also the fact that my body shape is different to Helena’s," she told 10 daily. "Like, I've kind of always like, had this body."

Abbie said that despite wearing similar clothing to say, Helena for example, due to being more curvy she seems to attract more comments shaming her than what the other women did.

"I don't know if that makes the things that I wear more risque, inherently, I don't know," she said. "I think there's other factors that might seem to be causing so much reaction."

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Abbie elaborated on her point, believing that the reaction to her sexuality on the show is difficult for people to swallow, adding that the criticism has "been rough".

"I think people were just confronted by a woman owning her sexuality on TV and I think Australia has a long way to go when it comes to that," she told 10 daily.

"If anyone's saying that I'm 'disgusting' or when people are calling me a 'putrid dog', if anything, I feel like it comes down to internalised misogyny."

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Featured image: Network 10