Bizarre Beauty Trend Using Super Glue Is Labelled 'Stupid'

Women have been super-gluing their top lip to give the illusion of larger pout and the internet is officially drunk and needs to go home.

The 'challenge' that has been labelled as both 'stupid' and ridiculous' reportedly originated from video-sharing AppTikTok, before it began appearing on Twitter where it has been widely mocked.

It is a cheap alternative to lip fillers yet it doesn't take a genius to figure out it can be potentially painful and cause damage to the skin of your upper lip when attempting to remove the super glue.

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Yet obvious issues aside, the popularity of the 'beauty hack' seems to be growing with many people attempting to try it and sharing their results online.

One TikTok user is seen drawing a horizontal line on her upper lip before drying it slightly by fanning her hand and then pulling her top lip, around the area of her cupid's bow up and placing it on the super glue.

She then applies a matte Kylie Jenner liquid lipstick over the top before pouting at the camera.

Many Twitter users have attacked the hack, calling it 'ignorant' and 'terrible'.

"Good thing for the rest of the population there is no short supply of stupid, ignorant, fake and low self-esteem people in the world ever.

"This is proof of it. Hopefully they don’t reproduce and infest the rest of the population," wrote one user.

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"The little crease where it is just looks ugly why are people doing this? If you want a bigger lip just fill it in with lip liner or something," suggested another.

Healthline warned: "Trying to pull apart skin that has been super-glued can cause it to tear. In rare cases, this type of glue can also cause burns."

So yep, maybe don't try this one at home.

Featured image: Twitter