‘A Bit Like The Handmaid’s Tale’: The Disguises The Masked Singers Had To Wear Backstage

The mystery of 'The Masked Singer' isn't just confined to the stage -- the identities of the 12 celebrities were shrouded in secrecy every step of the way.

Oscar-winning costume designer Tim Chappel explained that -- as well as creating all the costumes -- he also had another highly important job.

That was to put together disguises that would stop anyone from spotting the celebs arriving at the studio or hanging out backstage.

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"I built this one uniform, a giant black hooded cape with a mirrored front on it and built up shoulders so you couldn’t see their body shape," Tim told 10 daily. "It was a bit like the handmaid’s tale," he said of the flowing robes. 

"And, not only did the celebrity have to wear it but everyone associated with them did too, so their publicist or their manager had to wear the disguise."

We're imagining 'The Masked Singer' backstage area to look just like this -- only with more sparkle and a lot less gloom. (Hulu)

Tim said that with the dozen celebrities, and their team members, there were about 100 black capes swooshing around during filming -- a much more elegant scene than 'The Masked Singer America' studio.

In the US version of the show, the backstage disguise was just a simple wardrobe of "hoodies and visors".

"And I was like, ‘Oh we can take this up a notch,'" said Tim of the glam casual wear. 

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The tight security around the show meant that not even the actual celebrities knew the other stars they were singing against -- and couldn't even open their mouths during most of their time on set to avoid recognition.

Octopus, The Masked Singer

Tim said that when there was a hold up in the schedule and they were in their on-stage costumes, the stars were "really suffering [from the heat] and they couldn't even talk because they can't hear each other."

"The security around it is so huge that even when we were doing group numbers, none of them was allowed to speak to each other," he said of routines that involved all 12 singers on stage. 

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And instead of schmoozing with fellow celebs during lunch breaks, 'The Masked Singer' stars had to eat in completely separate areas.

"They were all kept in separate trailers in an internal space," Tim explained. 

It's an impressive feat, especially for us blabbermouths who are incapable of zipping our lips so we've got to take our hats off to the people who have been guarding Australia's best-kept secret, bravo!

'The Masked Singer Australia' will premiere on Monday, September 23 at 7.30 on 10 and WIN Networks.