Why Dannii Minogue Is On 'The Masked Singer' Panel Instead Of The Stage

The judge isn't going to lie, some of 'The Masked Singer' costumes are truly terrifying.

So much so that singer and performer Dannii Minogue, 47, would much rather be sitting on the panel of the show right where she is, rather than up on stage.

That might sound strange given her choice of career. But it purely comes down to the logistics of the costumes hiding the singers' identities while they perform.

Dannii Minogue during 'The Masked Singer' premiere. Image: Network 10

"I couldn't do it! I’m claustrophobic! I looked at the masks and one of them I couldn't go near, I was going to have a panic attack. They’re super heavy," Dannii told 10 daily.

"The Wolf scared me, the Dragon is super cute but the Lion is super sexy. Like, the thigh-high gold boots, I’ll take. But no way I could do it. Same with the jungle ['I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!']. I’m arachnophobic and I don't do camping."

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And those aren't the only two shows Dannii would refuse to take part in, adding 'Dancing with the Stars' to the growing list. While seeming innocent enough, it plays into one of Dannii's pet hates: "I hate people picking me up. I so hate people picking me up! I’m little and people always want to pick me up."

Dannii said not to take the costumes on 'The Masked Singer' at face value either as looks can be deceiving and it turns out, the costumes that appear easier to navigate generally... aren't.

Dannii said she was terrified of the wolf costume. Image: Network 10

"The ones you think there’s a lot of room in, the Unicorn, I thought there would be heaps of space. There's not! The weight of that nose and the helmet is even tighter than the others! I couldn’t put that on," she explained.

"Then the Alien looks like the smallest mask and that’s actually got a bit more room inside because it’s not having to balance."

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Dannii elaborated, explaining that the biggest factor impacting the performer's ability to maneuver their costume on stage all comes down to its weight and how they are able to balance that while belting out a ballad.

"The Lion head has a big mane and a lot of weight to balance, the Dragon has got wings and the unicorn has got wings. All sort of different things they’re balancing," she told 10 daily.

Dannii explained the costumes with props to balance, like the wings of the unicorn, make them harder to move around in. Image: Network 10

But despite not wanting to be up on stage with the elaborate costumes, it doesn't mean the judging panel -- comprised of herself alongside Lindsay Lohan, Jackie O and Dave Hughes, as well as host Osher Günsberg -- aren't upping the ante when it comes to their own styling choices.

"The fittings that went on backstage, not just the girls. I know normally it’s the girls in hours of fittings but I think the boys were just as bad," she said.

Hughesy was prepared to go a bit wild. We were like, 'Hughesy I love that jacket' and he was like, 'It’s a bit out of my comfort zone but everyone says they love it'. So he was okay! And Osh had the most beautiful suits.

Dannii added that getting to chat outfits with her fellow female judges Lindsay and Jackie was one of the most exciting parts of participating in the show.

"All of us girls were not only trying on the gowns but we’d send messages to each other [about different designers and outfits]," she told 10 daily. "What a joyful part of getting to call that work, just having a play in a huge dress-up box!"

'The Masked Singer Australia' will premiere on Monday, September 23 at 7.30 on 10 and WIN Networks.

Featured image: Network 10