'The Girls Were Making Fun of Me': What We Didn't Know About Sogand's Bachelor Outfits

While most of 'The Bachelor' contestants left their cocktail party outfits up to the team if stylists, Sogand wasn't taking any chances.

Sogand told 10 daily that when she was packing to go into 'The Bachelor' mansion, she realised she had very few clothes that she thought were appropriate for TV.

Considering she goes to the gym almost daily, the 30-year-old said when she looked in her wardrobe, it was predominantly full of work out gear and not cocktail party attire.

"Before going into the house, I actually realised I had no cocktail dresses. I'm more of a fitness outfit -- shorts and singlet kind of person!" she explained.

Sogand decided she would have to go shopping and trawled the internet for the best designer sales where she might be able to pick up some pieces.

"I happened to find a warehouse sale which was Rebecca Vallance's brand. I found so many dresses at that warehouse sale, I was really lucky," she said.

"When I went into the house, Kim, who was the stylist, I showed her the dresses and she liked a few of them so she let me wear them."

One of the Rebecca Vallance dresses Sogand brought from home. Image: Network 10

But the civil engineer didn't stop at picking up the few dresses from the warehouse sale. "At the beginning the girls were making fun of me, but I actually had a Look Book that I took into the house," she explained.

"So I tried all my outfits and I got my friend to take a photo of each one and I made a collage. I printed it off and took it with me."

Another one of Sogand's dresses. Image: Network 10

Sogand said if she had a one-on-one date, group date or if she had to get dressed for something, she would just whip out her Look Book for convenience.

"I remember I took it to Kim and she thought it was so funny. She told me which ones would be okay to wear and which ones wouldn't be okay," she said.

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"Throughout the process at a few of the cocktail parties she just told me to go and get my own dress."

Well, you have to give Sogand points for her outfit enthusiasm.

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Featured image: Network 10