'I Lost Half My Head Of Hair': Why 'The Bachelor' Star Nichole Just Made A Drastic Change

Appearing on Studio 10 on Friday morning after leaving 'The Bachelor' mansion, Nichole looked noticeably different.

After Nichole was sent home in Thursday night's rose ceremony, the 25-year-old had one priority at the top of her list: to make a visit to the hairdresser.

Prior to going into 'The Bachelor' mansion, the cafe manager decided to have blonde balayage "so my regrowth didn't look so bad" and had hair extensions put in to thicken out her hair in the form of a weft.

Nichole didn't have her hair cut or coloured while she was on the show and was stunned at the amount of hair she lost when she had her weft taken out.

"My hair was blonde obviously and all of the styling and damage that was done on my hair throughout the show when I came out, when I took my extensions out, I lost half my head of hair," she told 10 daily.

"My hair was so thin and it had gone yellow-ish and my regrowth was bad and I was like, 'Oh I can't put any bleach in this or I'm just going to be bald'."

When Nichole saw the state of her hair, she didn't want to leave the salon "looking that way" so made the snap decision to ask the hairdresser to dye it brown.

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"Brunette is better it keeps it healthy. I've sort of always gone from blonde to brown, blonde to brown throughout my life. I'm the person who changes their hair a lot," she said.

Nichole explained it was her inability to look after her hair extensions that she believes added to her significant hair loss.

"If you can't take care of them, you shouldn't get them put in. I wasn't doing the things I should've really been doing to take care of them and they got destroyed," she told 10 daily.

Nichole with her new brunette hair on Studio 10. Image: Network 10

Nichole said it took the hairdressers about 30 minutes to remove her extensions because her hair was so heavily matted. And after her awful hair experience, Nichole has decided to stay brunette for a little while.

"I'm going to stay this way until it's got its health back and then I'll maybe go to lighter again in the future once my hair is healthy enough and long enough," she said.

"When it starts to fade my blonde highlights underneath will start to come through and it's added lightness to the end."

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To keep the colour from fading too quickly, Nichole is also topping it up with a brunette shampoo.

"I actually just started using the Fudge Cool Brunettes Blue Toning Shampoo that's supposed to be for brown hair when it goes coppery," she said.

"I wanted it to be a real flat brown I didn't want the copper colour so I use that."

Featured image: Instagram