Margot Robbie Mocked For 'Photoshop Fail' In Magazine Shoot

The actress shared the snap on her Instagram but fans have since noticed a strange detail.

The artistic image shows Margot, 29, turned to the side in a ruffled top but her position in the shot makes it appear as though she is missing a leg.

Fans were quick to comments on the shot to point out the optical illusion that they deemed to be a 'Photoshop fail'.

"Margot are you missing a leg or is this some bad Photoshopping?" a commenter asked.

"Where's your other leg?" questioned another.

"Looks a bit weird," added a third.

Others noted regardless of the apparent vanishing leg, she still looked stunning in the shoot.

“One legged queen,”a commenter wrote.

While some simply took is at an opportunity to have a laugh.

“No it’s her trunk, she’s like a tree, her roots are deep in the dirt,” a commenter chimed in.

The photo is part of a shoot Margot did  for her September cover of Australian Vogue. where she was further interviewed by Quentin Tarantino, who directed her in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.

Featured image: Instagram