Fans Notice Epic Photoshop Fail In Kim Kardashian's New Photo Shoot

Kardashian fans couldn't help but notice that something was a little off in a new picture Kim posted on Instagram.

The photo features Kardashian-West, along with little sister Kylie Jenner, wearing pastel tones in celebration of the pair's fragrance collaboration.

The sisters are pictured embracing to promote the new lip-shaped perfume and, at first, fans couldn't quite put their finger on why the image looked a little odd.

"What the hell Kim???!! This pic is just weird," wrote one fan.

"Weird composition," wrote another.

"This is the most awkward photo I've ever seen," said one commenter.

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But it wasn't until fans zeroed in on Kim's hand that people began to notice that someone had been a little heavy-handed with their use of Photoshop.

"Why is her thumb the same size as the rest of her fingers?" one Instagram commenter asked.

"Look at Kim’s hand, it looks off," said another.

Now, hands come in all shapes and sizes, but last time we checked, Kim's right hand didn't look like quite that elongated or disconnected from her hand.

Main Photo: Instagram.