Emily Ratajkowski Bears Armpit Hair And Pens Essay About The Right To Choose

Model Emily Ratajkowski has won praise for revealing a luscious crop of armpit hair in a new photoshoot.

Ratajkowski -- who is normally pictured with shaved pits -- posed for Harper's Bazaar wearing a black lace bra and her armpit hair flowing au naturel.

The Victoria's Secret Model wrote an accompanying essay about what it means to be "hyper-feminine" and the stereotypes that come with that perceived identity.

She writes that "as a culture, we are scared of women generally, but also, more specifically, of the innate power that female sexuality possesses.".

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"A woman becomes too powerful and thus threatening when she takes strength from embracing her sex. Therefore we insist on shaming; we insist that a woman loses something when she flaunts or embraces her sexuality."

Ratajkowski explained that she feels powerful when she's feeling herself, which could be when she dons a mini-skirt, or it could be in a hoodie and sweat pants.

In the same vein, she announced that if she decides "to shave my armpits or grow them out, that's up to me".

"For me, body hair is another opportunity for women to exercise their ability to choose -- a choice based on how they want to feel and their associations with having or not having body hair.

On any given day, I tend to like to shave, but sometimes letting my body hair grow out is what makes me feel sexy. And there is no right answer, no choice that makes me more or less of a feminist, or even a “bad feminist,' to borrow from Roxane Gay. As long as the decision is my choice, then it’s the right choice. Ultimately, the identity and sexuality of an individual is up to them and no one else.

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Em's passionate essay and hair-baring photo has won praise from fellow models, celebs and fans who have cheered on her "right to be multifaceted".

"You. Are. So. Freakin. Awesome," wrote Ashley Graham.

"ICON," added Lily Aldridge.

One fan wrote that the model was "doing a huge thing" by going against the norms of beauty standards in the fashion industry -- a world where armpit hair is rarely seen.

"You are doing a huge thing: using your privilege to fight for individual freedom and destroying beauty dogmas. Thanks for that. Thanks for being way more than just an image. We need more support like this."

Main Photos: Instagram.