Rita Ora Mocked For Wearing 'Child-Sized' Bikinis, And Her Mum Got In On It Too

The singer has shared snaps while on holiday in Ibiza, Spain, over the weekend but she's been called out for her 'child-sized' choice of swimwear.

Ora was wearing a in White Fox’s Newport bikini top and matching small bottoms while posing for a series of photos on a yacht.

Yet while the coastal view itself was amazing, fans could only seem to look at one thing: The star's noticeable under-boob.

It caused many of her followers to point out that the 28-year-old's swimming costumer appeared to be a few sizes too small.

“Your bikinis never fit you,” one follower wrote on the series of holiday photos.

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“I think your swimming suit is a bit too small for you maybe you should go and buy one in the adult section instead of child," another added.

It's not the first time Ora has been seeing wearing bikinis that seem to fit a little too snuggly, so too be honest, it seems as though she doesn't care what people think about the style choice.

Still, the comments continued, with one even suggesting she purchased her cozzies from Mothercare, a brand available in the UK that sells baby clothes.

And from the sound of it even her mother, Vera, doesn't like her famous daughter's choice in swimwear, taking to social media to mock her and call her out on it.

The pair had spent the day on the beach together in Malibu, with Ora wearing a brightly coloured a one-shoulder rainbow Gucci swimsuit that retails for a cool $850.

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“Wow what a beautiful ocean view,” the mother of three sarcastically captioned an Instagram shot of Rita’s backside, adding, “Also in my mind as a mother I am thinking: Can 50s style swimsuits be back in fashion now please?”

"You might say strange for me to post this but I am silly sometimes LOL! I just feel as a mother of two girls feel for all other mothers with young beautiful girls that are exploring their beauty and style in [a] different way.

"To avoid disagreement about their looks, appearance and behaviour the best is to talk to them calmly (easier said then done) gently give advice, support them, appreciate their youth and protect their beauty/brains!

"For me it helps me stay motivated in a process and improves our trust/relationship by just being open with each other. In fact it is a battle you can’t win so celebrate it together instead.”

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So it seems the pair will have to agree to disagree on the choice. And we don't see the little cozzies going away any time soon.

You keep doing you, Rita.

Featured image: Instagram