Australia's Most Popular Foundation Gets Sold More Than Once Every Minute

And the best part is it can be found on the shelf of the supermarket.

Finding a good foundation can be a tricky battle. It's all about finding the right colour, consistency and staying power. So it might surprise you to learn one of the most popular foundations in Australia is also one of the most affordable.

Revlon Colorstay Foundation is sold more than once every minute in Australia, according to new findings from market research firm IRI Australia.

That's an impressive stat to boast. The reason? It's long lasting formulation.

"This is the only one I’ve found that actually stays on my skin all day (and even later on after I exercise) which is hard to find with oily skin," Tanisha wrote when reviewing the product.

I still get shiny throughout the day but not as bad as I usually do and the makeup doesn’t break up!

"One of the only foundation that doesn't oxidise on me, and I have never found a foundation that matches my very pale skin colour so perfectly," Kimberley added.

Another fan likened the product to 'liquid gold' and said after falling asleep with it on, she woke up with her make-up still intact. Now that's what we can impressive.

Many women have shared snaps to Instagram reveling in the super smooth and photo finish results the foundation, which is also number one in America, gave them.

It retails for $34.95 for 30ml, a bargain when compared to some of the other foundations on the market. If you're lucky, you can sometimes pick it up on sale. It's currently $20 at Priceline which is a steal.

Celebrity makeup artist Sabrina Melei told 10 daily another reason for it's popularity is the formulation. "We want a long-lasting foundation that provides coverage all day, and, in some cases, straight into the night," she said.

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"Revlon has remained consistent with their tried and tested formula which comes in two different skin type options (Combination/Oily or Normal/Dry) which widens the appeal."

Another benefit Melei said is despite being long lasting and full coverage, the makeup isn't heavy and doesn't cake on the skin. "It leaves the skin feeling soft and dewy, with a flexible finish that feels light and effortless," she continued.

Melei added if you want a flawless foundation finish, you should invest in a good foundation brush to apply it. "It is the cleanest and most economical way to apply foundation," she explained.

"My number one tip would be to bounce your brush up and down for an easier, streak-free blend."

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And if your finding it hard to match your colour being the middle of winter, Melei said the best way to go is to get yourself colour matched for two shades, one for summer and one for winter.

"Blend them together for the spring and autumn periods where you’re between shades."

Featured image: Instagram