The Biggest Fashion Trend That Swept The Bachelor Australia 2019 Premiere

Skin is in and the outfits worn by the 20 women vying for The Bachelor's heart proves it.

On Wednesday night we were finally introduced to the women vying for astrophysicist Matt Agnew's heart on the premiere of The Bachelor Australia 2019.

Let's be honest, one of the things we couldn't take our eyes off was the incredible fashion gracing our screens. And there was one big fashion trend that swept the entire premiere and it was... skin.

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From plunging necklines, to thigh high splits, two pieces that exposed the midriff, see-through gowns with body suits underneath and spectacular cutouts, the bachelorettes were set on making memorable first impressions with their introductory outfits.

Here are all of the details of their outfits:

Abbie, 23, QLD

Abbie wore:

  • J’Adore gown
  • Mountain and Moon earrings and rings
  • Angelina Alvarez cuff
  • Tony Bianco heels

Brianna, 24, WA

Briana wore:

  •    Amy Taylor two piece top and skirt
  •    Colette rings and bracelet
  •    Mezi earrings
  •    Billini heels

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Cassandra, 33, SA

Cassandra wore:

  • Amy Taylor gown
  • Cassandra Mamone jewellery
  • Tony Bianco heels

Chelsie, 28, VIC

Chelsie wore:

  • Nadine Merabi dress and belt
  • House of Emmanuele earrings
  • Mezi ring
  • Tony Bianco heels

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Elly, 24, NSW

Elly wore:

  • Amy Taylor gown
  •  House of Emmanuele earrings
  •  Fairley rings
  •  Tony Bianco heels

Emma, 32, NSW

Emma wore:

  • Cassandra Renee gown
  • Balyck earrings
  • Colette rings
  • Tony Bianco heels

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Georgia, 32, QLD

Georgia wore:

  • Lexi dress
  • Punjaban Diva cuff
  • Fairley rings and earrings
  • Tony Bianco heels

Hannah, 25, VIC

Hannah wore:

  • Georgia Young gown
  • Balyck earrings
  • Thomas Sabo bracelet
  • Pastiche cuff
  • Collette rings
  • Billini heels

Helena, 25, WA

Helena wore:

  • Casandra Renee gown
  • Kitte earrings
  • Fairley cuff
  • Pastiche ring
  • Billini heels

Isabelle, 29, QLD

Isabella wore:

  • Amy Taylor gown
  • Fairley earrings and ring
  • Billini heels

Jessie, 30, WA

Jessie wore:

  • Elle Zeitoune gown
  • Colette earrings
  • Mezi ring
  • House of Emmanuele cuff
  • Tony Bianco shoes

Keely, 27, QLD

Keely wore:

  • Alamour gown
  • Colette choker and hand cuff
  • Mezi earrings
  • Tony Bianco heels

Kristen, 24, QLD

Kristen wore:

  • Tania Olsen Design two piece top and skirt
  • Colette earrings
  • Mountain and moon ring
  • Billini heels

Mary, 31, VIC

Mary wore:

  • Judy Copley gown
  • Colette necklace
  • Pastiche bangle and ring
  • Billini heels

Nichole, 25, QLD

Nicole wore:

  • Amy Taylor gown
  • Colette earrings and rings
  • Novo shoes

Rachael, 23, NSW

Rachel wore:

  • Judy Copley gown
  • Mezi earrings
  • Tony Bianco heels

Sogand, 30, NSW

Sogand wore:

  • Galanni gown from My Dress Affair
  • Mezi earrings
  • Lovisa cuffs
  • Kendall and Kylie heels

Sophie, 25, VIC

Sophie wore:

  • Boohoo dress
  • Christie Nicolaides earrings
  • House of Emmanuele rings
  • Billini heels

Tash, 34, NSW

Tash wore:

  • Sheike gown
  • Colette earrings and cuff
  • Mountain and moon rings
  • Billini heels

Vakoo, 23, NSW

Vakoo wore:

  • Reign gown
  • Thomas Sabo earrings
  • Colette cuff and rings
  • Windsor smith heels

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'The Bachelor Australia' Airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7.30pm on 10 and WIN Network.

Images: Network 10