This Is What Matt Agnew Looked Like Before His 'Bachelor' Glow Up

The nation has already fallen in love with our new Bachelor, Matt Agnew, leading us all to wonder what he looked like before he started donning tuxedos on a regular basis.

Normally, after developing even the slightest crush on someone, the usual process is to delicately stalk through their Instagram account, being extra careful not to double-tap a photo from their aunt's birthday party in 2014.

But anyone who tuned into 'The Bachelor Australia' premiere will know that a trip to Matt's Insta yields just seven photos of the astrophysicist, looking sharp in either a tuxedo, a dashing suit or a hunky white t-shirt.

Which speaking of, his baby face might leave you asking how old is Matt Agnew? Well for your information his age is 31-years-old.

So back to our Instagram stalking, the eighth gram picture is a photo celebrating the moon landing 50 years ago which is great and all, Matt, but where are the younger photos from your uni years?

We need to know what you looked like before the cornucopia of hairdryers, bespoke suits and long stem roses.

While Matt may not have posted any pre-Bachelor pics on social media, we've managed to get our hands on this very sweet photo of our new favourite astrophysicist.

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While the before Matt might not have the same slicked-back hair and general James Bond vibe, he still looks extremely adorable and could 10/10 still melted hearts as our bachie.

Images: Facebook

We're into the cheeky smile, unshaven face and slightly buttoned-down shirt and to Matt we say, release your photographic archive to the 'gram! We need more!

He'll be no doubt adding a few more memories to social media as he gets acquainted with the new women in his life, telling 10 daily that he really is looking for a partner who can be his bestie as well.

Image: LinkedIn

"I think that playfulness that you have with a best friend is what I’m looking for in a partner, as well," he said.

Which could be a bit of a tough ask because he apparently vibed with all of the girls in one way or another.

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"All of the women, we had some sort of connection, and I think going into this, I was under no delusion that I was gonna be everyone’s fit and you know, that they’re all gonna be mine, but it did feel genuinely that there was some connection, there was some engagement, I did really get along with everyone who came into the house."

We can't to see who our newest Bach falls in love with!

The Bachelor Australia' Airs on Wednesdays And Thursdays At 7.30pm on 10 and WIN Network.