MAC Is Giving Away Free Lipsticks From Tomorrow, But There's A Catch

MAC has decided to do International Lipstick Day differently this year.

If you're at work tomorrow, you might want to swing by a MAC counter in the morning or if Friday is your day off... lucky you.

In celebration of National Lipstick Day which falls on Monday July 29, MAC is giving away free lipsticks for not ONE but FOUR days.

Yes, they are doing things a little differently this year.

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MAC Cosmetics is giving away a free, delicious, full sized lipstick with any purchase.

You can take your pick of the following three colours:

  • MAC Red (a bluish red) in Satin
  • Cherish (a soft peachy beige) in Satin
  • Lovelorn (a blue pink) in Lustre

The offer is available at MAC stores, MAC Myer,, MAC David Jones,, Princess Polly, Adore Beauty and but there is limited stock at each location, so you'll need to be quick.

This is a change to previous years where MAC have allowed customers to choose from any of their colours. In 2018 there was also no need to buy a product, you got a free lippie even without making a purchase.

But alas, it must have been too good to be true. And regardless, a free lipstick is a free lipstick, right?

See you at the MAC counter.

Featured image: MAC