'I Was So Worried': Why Carrie Bickmore Wore Jeans Under Her Dresses Behind The Desk

Carrie Bickmore said her biggest shift in profile came from when she went from being on 'Rove' to 'The Project'.

Had it not been for the fact there was little to no social media at the time, the now highly experienced journalist doesn't think she would've continued in the media industry.

Speaking to fellow journalist Rachel Corbett on her podcast 'You've Gotta Start Somewhere', Carrie reflected on her time on 'Rove' and the way not being on social media or having photographers outside her house allowed her to learn how to do her job.

"No one gave a rat's ass what I did or who I was or anything which is actually an incredible blessing because I look back and I think if social media had been around when I was learning to do my job, I still wouldn't be doing my job," she said.

"I would've stopped saying things many times that I thought to say, I would've changed my delivery, I would've changed what I shared, I would've changed what I look like."

Carrie said not having the social microscope on her meant she could learn from the people around her and look inwards to assess her work, allowing her to continually grow, change and inevitably become better at her job.

"So thank Christ. I actually feel for people starting in the industry now, it must be really really really hard to be true to yourself and not let it get to you because I know as a grown human now how it gets to me let alone when I didn't know how to do a job," she said.

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Carrie added when she was on 'Rove' she was so uncomfortable about her body that she would often wear a dress with pants or jeans underneath it.

"I feel sorry for our gorgeous wardrobe lady, Faults, that used to be on 'Rove' because I had this thing where I felt so uncomfortable about my bottom half of my body I wouldn't wear a dress without wearing pants underneath it," Carrie said.

"So she'd put me in a dress behind the desk, so from the desk up you'd see a pretty dress but I'd always have pants or jeans under my dress."

Carrie still often does this behind 'The Project' desk but she said she now does this to keep warm, not over concerns with her body.

"That's because then I felt uncomfortable about myself and so she'd go, 'you can just take your pants off and go out' because I'd have to walk across the set to go and sit down," she said.

"I'm sure people would be like, 'why has she got jeans on with that tight-fitting dress? It looks ridiculous.'"

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Looking back, Carrie admitted she is no longer concerned about the things she used to be.

"So I look back now and just the little funny things that I was so worried about, after three kids, I would take back what that looked like and I'd have that in a million years, that body," she said.

Carrie said she has now gotten more confident about who she is and knows how to deal with social media comments.

Now whenever I put up a throw back photo, people give me so much hassle about it and I can deal with it now because I feel confident in who I am, but had I got that response then, I reckon it would've made me a very different person.

"I'm already someone who doubts themselves and doubts all of that. It would've destroyed any confidence I had, I think."

In 2017, Carrie was famously on the front cover of Women's health which sparked conversation about her incredible physique as well as her fitness routine.

Carrie attributed Pilates, running, CrossFit and a balanced diet to her figure in the August issue and said she works out three to five times a week.

Carrie on the cover of Women's Health. Image: Women's Health

"I've found a KX Pilates studio, which uses weights, so it's fast. Some weeks I get five workouts in, some only three,' Carrie said at the time. "But I'm quite relaxed about it and my weeks are pretty active no matter what I'm doing."

Carrie looked so incredible on the cover that the magazine's editor had to come out to squash untrue rumours that it was photoshopped.

"I can honestly tell you she looks this amazing in real life," journalist Jacqui Mooney told at the time.

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"Seeing her in person at the cover shoot in Melbourne, I can honestly tell you she looks this amazing in real life," she explained. "There have been no changes to Carrie's body for this month's cover of Women's Health."

'The Project' host returned to the show last Monday after eight months of maternity leave with her third child, Adelaide, with the show set to celebrate their 10th anniversary this Friday.

Join 'The Project' for their 10th birthday celebrations on Friday, 6.30pm on 10 and on 10 play.

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