The Serum That Gives Meghan Markle Long And Thick Eyelashes Is On Sale Right Now

If there's a product that's going to give us Meghan Markle's long, dark and thick eyelashes, then we're here for it.

The Duchess of Sussex is known for her natural makeup look and making everything she puts on her face seem effortless. And her eyelashes are no exception.

But as it turns out it's not just good genetics. Her secret to long and healthy eyelashes is RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner Serum. She's been using the cult product since at least 2014, according to InStyle.

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I also have to vouch for the product because I have been using consistently for the last three years, since 2016, and it does in fact work.

The reason why is this best-selling formula doesn't just strengthen and condition your lashes, but it actually makes them grow longer thanks to the ingredient biotin.

Look at those lashes. Image: Getty

And Meghan and I aren't the only ones who agree. 98 percent of women found that this product improved the appearance of their lashes, as well as strengthened them and made them healthier-looking, according to a six week study.

The rave reviews continue to stream in from hundreds of Amazon shoppers too who state this product is one of the best lash serums they've ever used. It has further one Allure's best of beauty award five times.

“I waited exactly three months to review this, which was soooo hard because every morning I wake up like a kid at Christmas anxious to see if my lashes are longer,” wrote a reviewer.

But I gave it time to work and believe me when I tell you, this stuff is AMAZING!! I started using it after a year of professional lash extensions that essentially took all of my lashes out (they were so sparse, mascara made no difference).

"After three months of use, my own lashes are thicker and SUPER long (longer than they've ever been in my life). With no mascara, my lashes look great and with it, I look like I'm wearing extensions! Love it!”

The product was initially created by Michael Brinkenhoff who pioneered it for his wife Gaye Brinkenhoff after she was diagnosed with breast cancer and lost her lashes due to the chemotherapy.

Image: Revitalash

There's only one downside to Revitalash and that's the price tag. Compared to other lash serums on the market it's pretty expensive. The pricing varies online, particularly to Australia since it's made in the US, with the 2ml ranging from $100-$200 and the 3.5ml ranging from $200-$300.

So today might actually be the best day of the year to buy it because it's currently marked down in Amazon's Prime Day Sale. The 2ml is $109.95 and the 3.5ml is $154.95.

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That's a saving considering the 3.5ml is currently on for $161.20. So if you want to get on the Revitalash band wagon, now would be the time.

But if that's still to exxy, I have another alternative for you. I've been trialing Rapid Lash's Eye Lash Enhancing Serum with the 3mL size being available at Priceline for $69.

Image: Priceline

I have been using this product for a month and my lashes are the same length and thickness as what they were when I was using the Revitalash. Win.

RapidLash contains the same key ingredient as Revitalash which is biotin. It also contains Hexatein 1 Complex helps boost the appearance of eyelashes. So it works in a similar way for a cheaper price tag. 

Featured image: Getty