Women Are Losing It Over A $20 Leopard Jumpsuit From Kmart

Kmart fans are rushing out to add the affordable piece of fashion to their winter wardrobes.

It's safe to say that leopard is almost a neutral. It seems to go with everything no matter what form it comes in, whether it's a pair or sneakers paired with a white top and jeans or you're laying it in in a top and skirt combo.

So if you're a leopard lover, we just found the new addition women everywhere are rushing out to add to their winter wardrobes. May we present, the $20 Kmart Strappy Woven Jumpsuit in Leopard. 

The flattering piece was spotted by kmartgirl_ and shared on her Instagram page a few days ago, along with some ideas on how to style the piece.

Explaining how versatile the piece is, kmartgirl_ pointed out it can be worn with sandals and a cardigan if it's cold for day wear.

It also easily transforms into a more dressy outfit when worn with a blazer, heels and fancy earrings.

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And she's not the only Kmart bargain hunter loving the jumpsuit.

Chrissi Harrison posted a photo of herself wearing the jumpsuit in a size 14 in the Kmart Mums Australia Facebook group.

It has been liked 1.5K times so far with many women who commented stating they would be running out to Kmart to buy their own.

Zoe Lou, another member of the group, also posted a photo of herself in the popular jumpsuit, showing the way she had styled it with a leather jacket, boots and black belt.

Bec Smith, another fan, wrote the jumpsuit is, "super flattering and it sorta feels like I'm wearing pjs and dress up with a jacket or cardi."

The jumpsuit is an addition to a number of leopard styles that women having been loving at Kmart, including slippers, runners and scarves.

Many Kmart fans have also been sharing shots of the jumpsuit when spotting it in their local store.

So what are you waiting for? You might want to get on it before they're all gone.

Featured image: Instagram