Vagina Nails Are A Thing And Dear God, No

Here's a sentence we never thought we'd write: vaginas have their place and on your nails is not one of them.

Yet there is a nail art tutorial doing the rounds on Instagram that exactly no one asked for.

You see, some forward-thinking nail artist thought it would be a good idea to put teeny tiny vaginas on their client's nails and share the video to their page.

What's more surprising is that women are actually... into them.

Source: nail_sunny Instagram

Now, we've never met these vagina nail wearing women but if the video on Instagram page nail_sunny is anything to go by, they are in fact, a thing.

And if seeing the finished product isn't scary enough, you can even watch them being constructed in the Instagram video.

They come in all different colours, shapes and sizes and some are even adorned with pubic hair and period blood. Others even have tampon strings with a knot in them and my god, we have gone too far.

Source: nail_sunny Instagram

"What is thiiis? Yay or Nay?" the nail art page captioned the video. It seems commenters find the Russian video, which has had close to 900,000 views in three days, equally disturbing.

"Oh my f*cking god. Stop it already. This is just embarrassing," wrote one.

"Ewwww wtf are people doing with there life?" added another.

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"What type of person wants a vagina nail design on their nails?" questioned a third.

And my personal favourite:

"These are not cute PERIOD!!!!!!!"

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