Carrie Bickmore Stunned At the Logies, But Her Beauty Routine Is Surprisingly Simple

The Project host, who is due to return to her seat at the desk next Monday, looked as glamorous as ever on the Logies Red Carpet on Sunday.

And while it might be easy to think the journalist would have an extensive beauty routine when considering how flawless she looks, it's really anything but.

Since giving birth to her third child Addie and taking six months of maternity leave to look after her at home, Carrie told 10 daily her beauty routine is basically non-existent.

"Ah what beauty routine? You're getting a shower once a day if you're lucky," Carrie told 10 daily.

"I'm making cheese bread and I might get to the end of the day and be like, 'Carrie... you stink.' Then I realise I haven't had time to have a shower since I've woken up."

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Carrie attributes much of her look to the incredible hair and makeup team she works with that she credits with getting her ready carpet ready and 'transforming' her for TV.

"For me, I'm just fortunate enough that I work in a job where there's a team of people that can transform me for TV at night because if I was left to my own devices it would be different," she said.

Aside from leaving it to the professionals, Carrie said when it comes to beauty, she keeps it all very simple and basic.

"I just have my basic cleanser, moisturiser, serum, BB cream and micellar water that I use," she told 10 daily.

And her number one recommendation and beauty product that she swears by? Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water.

"It is one of the greatest products I've ever used," Carrie said.

"It just cleans my face and takes all of my makeup off and is my go-to all the time."

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