Meghan Markle's Updated Engagement Ring Is Very Similar To The One From Her Past Marriage

When Meghan Markle likes something, she must really like it. So much so that the new updates to her engagement ring make it look a lot like her old one.

Last week the Duchess of Sussex was scrutinised for making changes to the engagement ring given to her by Prince Harry during their intimate engagement over roast chicken in 2017.

The remodeled ring was seen at the royal event, Trooping the Colour, where the diamonds Meghan had added to the band were obvious. The band itself also appeared thinner than the original yellow gold one.

Meghan Markle's updated ring in June 2019. Image: Getty

It was here Meghan debuted her new eternity band of similar design and appearance, thought to be a gift from Prince Harry in celebration of their first anniversary and the arrival of their son, Archie Mountbatten-Windsor.

Yet while the changes to the ring have been called new and modern, the ring actually looks eerily similar to another one Meghan used to wear. The engagement ring given to her by Trevor Engelson in her first marriage, that she began wearing in 2011.

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The comparison was first made on the Duchess of Sussex fan Instagram account where it was noted that Meghan's first engagement ring and wedding band were a cushion cut solitaire on a pave diamond band with a matching diamond eternity band.

Meghan later added two additional stacked eternity bands to her original set.

Meghan Markle's first engagement ring from 2011. Image: Getty

Meghan's current engagement ring has a cushion cut diamond at the centre but is flanked by two brilliant cut diamonds on either side.

It was designed by Prince Harry and created the royal jewellers Cleave & Company and the centre diamond came from Princess Diana's own jewellery collection.

The original gold band with white gold claw setting, however, has since been replaced with a pave diamond band. With her gold wedding band and new eternity band, the stack looks very similar to that from 2011.

Meghan Markle's engagement ring from Prince Harry in 2018 before it was altered. Image: Getty

Meghan's eternity ring was designed by Lorraine Scwhartz and is said to include birthstones from Meghan, Harry and Archie, reported

"Meghan was touched. A lot of thought went into it," a source told the publication. 

It seems some things don't change with time and Meghan's classic style is one of them.

Featured image: Getty