Logies 2019: Julia Morris And Amanda Keller Had The Best Logies Shoe Hacks

True happiness is leaving your stilettoes at home.

It's something that both Julia Morris and Amanda Keller are aware of, because this isn't their first rodeo and they know exactly how to avoid blisters, aching feet and a potential trip up -- or down -- a flight of stairs.

Both of our television queens decided to wear sneakers to the big event -- employing two different strategies on the red carpet.

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Amanda opted for a full-length gown, cleverly hiding her fabulous sneakers until she was ready for her fabulous reveal.

But where are her shoes? Photo: Network 10.

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While Lady J-Mo strutted the red carpet in some sparkly heels -- before slipping into something a little more comfy for the ceremony itself.

Julia's red carpet shoes. Photo: Network 10.

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"I just wanted to let you know that I'm as comfy as you can get," Julia told her followers on Instagram as she showed off her sparkly trainers.

Legends only!

Main Photos: Getty Images.