The Incident That Made Georgia Love Throw Away All Her Bikinis

The former Bachelorette has only worn one piece and high waisted swimming costumes ever since.

Georgia Love is a size 8-10 and smaller than the average Australia woman. Yet an incident that occurred after her time on The Bachelorette left her feeling "fat, horrible and shamed. Not ashamed. But shamed."

A few months following her time on the reality show, where she met her current partner Lee Elliott, the 30-year-old was enjoying a day at the beach and so happened to be wearing a bikini.

What the 10 News reporter didn't know was that she'd been papped by a photographer and only found out when she saw her photo on the front page of a tabloid magazine as part of a line up of other celebrities.

Yet the difference was the photos of the other women were "taken with professional cameras and the girls’ knowledge and permission - which is important to add."

"The caption alongside my photo was a quote I’d given months earlier, obviously unrelated to this pic, saying 'I’m happy with how I look'. The inference was that I should not be," she wrote in an article for Whimn.

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Georgia said she used to wear bikinis "all the time" but after that day, she hasn't worn one since. Instead, she now only wears one-piece swimmers or very high waisted bikinis, even when she's in her own backyard.

All my normal bikinis went in the bin. That picture alongside that caption made me feel horrendous.

Georgia told 10 daily when she told Lee about being papped, he was upset and angry because she was so upset herself.

"He has always made me feel good about myself and how I look so he was furious anyone made me feel otherwise," she told 10 daily.

Georgia said she eats healthily and exercises but is not "diet or fitness mad".

"My body type is 'works out but enjoys pizza'. You get the picture. I am a size small but I have curves and I carry my weight in my tummy and butt," she wrote.

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Georgia noted she is confident in most clothing but chooses not to wear figure-hugging bodycon and didn't feel confident in bikinis either. And while she's not one to let negative attention get to her, these images tapped into a personal insecurity she already had about herself.

She went on to attribute these feelings to the unrealistic bikini, underwear and activewear photos that flood our Instagram feeds, pointing out she isn't the only one who feels this way and offers her advice to those who do.

"Shut that voice up inside your head. Every body is different and every body is beautiful, you don't need to compare yourself to others," she told 10 daily.

Georgia said it took a lot of "positive self-talk" to get past her own insecurities and she's been happier since doing this.

"No one — not even myself — gets to tell me what I should wear. No, I don’t look like a Victoria’s Secret model. But I’m not one - and I don’t want to be."

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