'Neighbours'' Bonnie Anderson On What Goes Into Prepping For The Logies Red Carpet

Bonnie Anderson, 24, says you can throw her up on stage to sing and she's 'sweet'. Yet prepping for her first ever Logies (and being nominated, to boot) is completely new to her.

Bonnie first appeared on our screens in 2007 as both the first and youngest winner of 'Australia's Got Talent'. Since then, she's released a number of records as well as her latest single, titled "Sorry".

A year ago, Bonnie landed her first ever acting gig when she joined the 'Neighbours' cast, playing Bea Nilsson, and off the back of her acting debut, she has been nominated for Most Popular New Talent at this year's Logie Awards being held on Sunday 30 June on the Gold Coast.

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Speaking to 10 daily, Bonnie said that prepping for her first Logies between her singing and acting commitments "has been pretty mad".

"It's been really crazy from the sort of regard of getting everything prepared," Bonnie said.

"I had my final fitting last night because I had my dress made. I picked it up on the way to the airport this morning so they could do final touches."

It was in the moments of her fitting that Bonnie said that all of the momentum of her singing and acting careers, and now being nominated for her first Logie really hit her.

"I started to feel really overwhelmed for a moment and thought, 'Wow, this is really new to me.' Acting in general is just new to me," she told 10 daily.

"I can get up on stage and sing and I'm sweet. But this is just, wow. I've never been to the Logies before and being nominated too is very special. Now I just feel really really excited."

In the lead up to the Logies, Bonnie has tried to stick to her usual health and fitness routine where possible, particularly around her exercise regime.

"I really love going for a run and skipping," she shared. "My family are really big on fitness, my dad is a boxing trainer and my brother is an Australian champion boxer. So I train with my dad often and put on my boxing gloves.

"I also like to do light weights. In my garage I do a little circuit and I've got my little girly weights which is nice."

For Bonnie, looking after her skin and staying hydrated has been an important part of her Logies prep, particularly as it will be such a big part of her look on the day.

"I love skincare and I do change what I used often to try different things. My go-to at the moment is Rodan+Fields' Soothe cleanser, it's really nice and light. I also exfoliate a lot because wear so much make up at work and when I'm on set," she said.

"I do struggle with the odd breakout every now and then, so I try to keep my skin clean and drink lots of water.  In winter it's been difficult for me to keep my hydration up, so I'm trying my hardest to smash out the water and I use Jojoba oil too."

Bonnie told us that her makeup will be done by prominent celebrity makeup artist, Chantelle Barker, and her hair will be done by celebrity hairstylist and director, Marie Uva. And they both have big plans for what Bonnie will look like come Logies day.

"We're going to be doing something really kind of classic and not too crazy," Bonnie said.  "My hair is going to be quite natural and undone because my dress is so epic and quite girly actually."

"And the makeup, Chantelle is big on skin and making sure it's really nice and fresh. I like to focus on my eyes as my key 'thing'. Everyone has the lip or something they focus on, for me I like to make my eyes stand out as much as possible."

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When hopping on the plane to the Gold Coast this morning, Bonnie said it's the most chill she's been all week.

"I had a little snooze on the plane. It was great. I had some nice people on the plane talking to me as well. They were really nice and friendly, I like that."

Stay tuned to see her final look come together on the red carpet on Sunday.

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