Rihanna's Fenty Fashion Line Has Dropped And Fans Are Loving It

The singer is also getting praise for not retouching photographs of models.

Proving once again that she's an unstoppable force when it comes to, well, everything, Rihanna has now officially debuted her Fenty luxury fashion line -- and fans are already going wild over the diverse range.

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Much like her beauty range -- in which she famously created foundations for 40 different skin tones -- as well as her Savage X lingerie range, which featured women of all colours, shapes and sizes, RiRi has again set the bar when it comes to inclusivity in fashion and beauty.

"I use myself as the muse," Rihanna told The New York Times Style Magazine. "It’s sweatpants with pearls, or a masculine denim jacket with a corset. I feel like we live in a world where people are embracing every bit of who they are."

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When it comes to luxury fashion, women in larger sizes are often left in the lurch in favour of smaller sizes -- which is something the "Work" singer hoped to address in her range.

“I’m thick and curvy right now," she said. "So if I can’t wear my own stuff then, I mean, that’s not gonna work, right? And my size is not the biggest size. It’s actually closer to the smallest size we have: We go up to a [French size] 46 [AU18]” she added.

Rihanna also spoke about her campaign imagery being inspired by the Grandassa Models -- a black modelling group co-founded by Kwame Brathwaite -- who were the faces of the ‘Black is Beautiful’ movement of the 1960s.

"When I was coming up with the concept for this release, we were just digging and digging and we came up with these images -- they made me feel they were relevant to what we are doing right now,” Rihanna told Vogue about the iconic photographs taken by the now 81-year-old Brathwaite, adding, “And he gave me permission [to use the imagery], obviously that is a big deal.”

Fans across social media have also praised the singer for using an unretouched model with "imperfect" skin to model pieces from the range.

Fenty is the first new luxury house to be founded by LVMH since the launch of Christian Lacroix in 1987. Assisting Rihanna with the range is the style director of Fenty and her longtime stylist, Jahleel Weaver.

The entire Fenty luxury fashion line can be seen here. 

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