Prada Announces It's Going Fur-Free From 2020

The Italian fashion house announced the news today.

After years of criticism for their use of fur throughout their collection, luxury fashion house Prada have revealed their plans to eliminate all use of fur for their future ranges, beginning February 2020.

The move will apply to all brands under the fashion house, including Miu Miu, Church's, Car Shoe and Prada itself.

"As part of the #PradaGroup, #Prada has announced, in collaboration with the @FurFreeAlliance, that it will no longer use animal fur in its designs or new products, starting with #PradaSS20 Women’s collections," the company's announcement on Twitter read.

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“The Prada Group is committed to innovation and social responsibility, and our fur-free policy–reached following a positive dialogue with the Fur Free Alliance, in particular with LAV and the Humane Society of the United States–is an extension of that engagement,” said Miuccia Prada. “Focusing on innovative materials will allow the company to explore new boundaries of creative design while meeting the demand for ethical products.”

Social media users applauded the brand for acknowledging the importance of ditching fur, while others expressed shock that it took the company so long to adapt to what other brands have been doing for many years.

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The news comes after a collaboration with the Fur Free Alliance, after a campaign to pressure Prada to go fur-free went viral in 2018.

Joh Vinding, chairman of the Fur Free Alliance (FFA), said: "The Prada group with its brands now joins a growing list of fur-free brands that are responding to consumers' changing attitudes towards animals."

British luxury brand Burberry announcing they would stop using real fur in its products and would phase out existing fur items as of September last year, while luxury fashion brand Gucci stopped using fur in its spring-summer 2018 collection.

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