Literally No One In The World Is A Bigger Sneakerhead Than This Rapper

He may be called The Game but he's sure not playing when it comes to his style.

In a new episode of 'Complex Closets' -- which is like 'MTV Cribs' but without the rest of the house -- The Game showed off his very expensive collection of kicks, and the lengths he goes to protect them.

Featuring a 'Jordan Clock' -- 12 pairs of Michael Jordan sneakers around a Michael Jordan clock -- as well as pairs gifted to him from celebs like Drake, Pharrell and DJ Khaled, it's clear that the room is a passion project for the rapper.

Storing his beloved footwear in a huge room that could rival any cool sneaker store, the rapper revealed that his second pair of 'Back to the Future'-themed Nike Air Mags sit inside a bulletproof case.

That's right, baby. No one's getting their hands on them!

'Why the extra security?', you may wonder. Well, you'll note that we said that it was his second pair of the rare shoe.

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“My first pair were first edition,” he explained. “I think they were like the seventh pair ever made, touched by Michael J. Fox … they were a $60,000 shoe. Well, I had those and I didn’t protect them.”

He continued: “When I first started building this house, I had cameras up but the security system wasn’t all ready yet and, randomly, this dude … breaks in and … he grabs a Louis Vuitton backpack and a Gucci duffel and then he walked into my closet and he must have saw the box to the Mags. He drops both the duffel and the backpack, grabs the box to these, walked out the front door and, of course, we haven’t seen them since.”

After that, The Game told host Joe La Puma, he had to make sure to up the ante on security, especially for his second pair.

The whole room -- which is decorated with raw oak that he imported from Montana and Colorado for the luxe cost of USD$75,000 -- is protected by reinforced steel.

Should someone manage to find their way into the haven, they'd still have pretty much no chance of swiping his most beloved pair of shoes.

“This right here is two-inch bulletproof glass. You can shoot an Iranian AK-47 and you’re not breaking through this," he said.

But that's not even as far as it goes.

Aside from being completely bulletproof, the box housing the sneakers is "secured all the way around with steel chain rods".

"If you pull this, you’ll have to take out the entire other room," he explained. "These are not moving. You can take every other shoe in here, these motherf**kers are not going nowhere.”

Photo: Complex / YouTube