Gemstone Nails Are Here So You Can Be A Crystal B***h 24/7

By now, it should be no secret that crystals are trending in a major, major way.

With gemstone hues trending on the runway and in beauty looks everywhere -- not to mention crystals finding their way into people's homes not just for their apparent healing purposes, but as decor, and in the form of face rollers and even sex toys -- it's clear, everybody wants to be a crystal b***h!

And now, you can show everyone you're 100% that b***h with a very chic crystal-inspired mani.

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That's right, crystal-inspired manicures are here, and TBH we haven't stopped scrolling through hashtags on Insta since. Like, forget nail stickers, patterns, trending shades, this is all we want from now on.


With plenty of gemstones to choose from, our faves are the Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Jade and Turquoise inspired looks. Check them out below!


Rose Quartz



Feature image: Instagram