Here's How To Get Margot Robbie's New Long Hair

It's time to ditch the bob and the lob, Margot's a reason to try long tresses this winter...

So Margot Robbie has grown her hair out, and if this isn't the most beautiful reason to do the same, we don't know what is.


Gorgeous, lustrous. Long. Lovely.

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Margot took this new look out over the weekend when she attended the Tribeca Film Festival. Her longtime stylist, Bryce Scarlett, styled her hair in a stick-straight blowdry with the ends slightly curled and celebrity colourist Justin Anderson also touched up the actress' colour with smudged darker roots and revived highlights. It was flawless.

Fairies kept it sleek and smooth*.

*that bit may not be true but it COULD be.

She also mixed things up  the following day with a head of curls.

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Ah-mazing. We bow down to the hair gods on this one.

Bobs be gone, we want long hair, stat.

We asked Matrix Australia's Kobi Bokshish to talk us through the steps to follow to get our own hair Robbie-gorgeous. And don't worry -- we can do it!

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"First of all," he told 10 daily, "it's a grey area between the client and the hairdresser. The consumer's philosophy is -- if I want to grow my hair, I shouldn't go and see the hairdresser for two years! But it's proven wrong."

Instead you need to follow these steps.

Step one:

"Make sure you use the best possible treatments to recondition your hair, heal it, prevent split ends and nourish it as much as you can," said Bokshish. "Really good shampoo, conditioner and treatment are all really important."

Step two:

"I know this is the freaky on that no one believes but it's a fact," he told 10 daily. "Get to your hairdresser every six to 10 weeks to get a trim. When the hair is split, it prevents it from growing well -- when the hair is healthy it does grow much faster. I actually did a test  -- we took someone's hair for a year and we did half and half-- half we didn't touch and half we trimmed every six weeks. After a year the hair that we trimmed was four to five cm longer than the hair we didn't touch at all."

Step three:

"This is one of the important ones -- use heat protection and try and avoid straighteners and hairdryers. They split the ends and damage the hair and make it grow slower. Put it up if you need to so it doesn't have to be styled so much, always air dry it, and if you do use dryers make sure you minimise that and use the best heat protection you can find".

Step four:

Diet. Eat a lot of good healthy food. "Hair and nails depend on what you put inside your body," said Bokshish. "The better your diet is, the better and longer your hair can grow. Good fish, oils, lots of fresh food and your hair will grow so fast you won't believe it."

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