This Nine-Year-Old Girl Recreates Stars' Outfits With Veggies, Tin Foil And Waffles

Riley Dashwood, 9, is just your normal Melbourne schoolgirl -- except on the weekends when she recreates stars' outfits to hilarious effect.

From Kim Kardashian to Rihanna to Emma Stone it seems no celeb is safe while Riley -- and her mum and dad -- have access to a camera and the bits and bobs they find around the house.

It all started about a year ago, Riley's dad Rhett told 10 daily when they thought it would be funny to "do a parody" of 11-year-old Lil Tay, a precocious social media star/rapper.

Inspired by comedian Celeste Barber's Instagram account, Riley and her parents recreated Lil Tay's iconic photo using some spaghetti and an iceberg lettuce.

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(For those unfamiliar, lettuce is a slang term used for money. Keep up, guys.)

Since then Riley's continued to wow her 100 thousand Insta followers with her hilarious creations.

"We just sort of kept doing them -- they're funny and people seem to like them," Rhett said.

During the week, it's dad's job to keep an eye out for events such as the Emmys where there might be a "worst dressed scenario" for Riley to reinterpret.

Once the weekend rolls around he presents the options to Riley and his wife and they pick the "easiest and funniest one" to do.

Rhett plays photographer while his wife is in charge of styling and makeup.

"I'm just the model," Riley told 10 daily -- and doesn't she do it well!

The trio spends between 15 minutes to an hour on a single look -- leaving plenty of time for Riley to get into her other hobbies such as drawing, watching TV and playing netball.

While each and every one of Riley's outfits are spectacular we did have to ask her which one is her fave -- and it's the Kim K one that she recreated using tin foil.

"It was very warm!" she said.

Other looks have seen Riley covered in waffles -- à la Emma Stone's Louis Vuitton dress from the 2019 Oscars -- or sporting Nicki Minaj-inspired headwear made of broccoli, cauliflower and lettuce.

A strip of fake grass and what looks to be a garbage bag was sufficient to copy Haley Bennett's Dior Couture look from the 2018 Oscars.

That pose, though.

To channel RiRi's showstopping 2017 Met Gala look -- which was straight of the Comme des Garçons Fall 2016 runway -- Riley simply scooped up a pile of laundry.

We can't tell the difference to be honest.

Riley has already had a little touch of fame after "trolling" -- her words not ours! -- US rapper Lil Pump and getting flown Stateside for a cameo in his new music video.

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Riley pops up as a Pump mini-me in several scenes of the clip for his song, fittingly titled "Be Like Me."

While the year four student isn't exactly sure of what she's going to be when she grows up -- "maybe working in a cafe" -- she does know that her Insta hobby will just be a "side-job."

It's always good to keep your options open, Riley.

Feature image: Instagram/@rileydiary.