These Genius T-Shirts Show Men As Society Portrays Women

Imagining a world where it's men who get lumbered with outdated gender bias, these t-shirts are life-giving.

Facebook -- and Twitter-- account ‘Man Who Has It All’ is simply genius.

For those who haven't seen it, it's a satirical account that "exposes the absurdity of the patriarchy by turning the tables".

And how is it done? "Highlighting the sexism, stereotypes and bias women experience every day by imagining a world where men are treated in the same way society treats women."

Indeed it is.

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Things like this little message on Facebook. “Just a little reminder to smile, boys! Because women like to see positive men. A smile costs nothing.”

And this:

And these:

You get the picture.

Basically, everything women have had thrown at them for their entire lives -- over the top as satire here, but patronisingly every day when directed at women.

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The anonymous "working dad" (is it though? No one seems to know!) behind the page has also released books parodying the gender gap: ‘From Frazzled to Fabulous: How to Juggle a Successful Career, Fatherhood, ‘Me-Time’ and Looking Good.’ and "The Man Who Has It All: A Patronizing Parody of Self-Help Books for Women."

And now, they're selling this amazing range of his and hers T-shirts emblazoned with job titles -- with the addition of gender on the male versions.

The tees retail for around $34 and can be bought through his website.

And fans are loving it. So much so, they're taking on typical Man Who Has It All style, calling for more varieties to mock more stereotypes.

“Can you please make ‘Male Attorney’ shirts someday?” one woman asked. “I’m so proud of my husband for achieving his dream of becoming a lawyer despite all of the obstacles men face in the workplace. Would love to buy him a shirt so he can show the world how strong and tenacious he is.”

Another said: “My man will love this. He loves to copy me and play science! It’s so cute! He always smiles when he does and I love how positive it makes him seem!”

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Feature image: Man Who Has It All.