This Teen's Incredible Homemade And Hand-Painted Prom Dress Has Gone Viral

The stunning turquoise strapless ballgown features a full skirt with beautiful handpainted flowers and Swarovski crystals.

It looks so professional that it's hard to believe that it was made by a teenager and her mum -- but that's the truth.

High schooler Ciara Gan took to Twitter on Monday to share the stunning fruits of their labour.

"I made and painted my own gown for my graduation ball!," 17-year-old Gan, who lives in the Philippines, wrote.

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"I painted over 80 flowers, sewed + stoned my dress with my mama and designed the whole thing myself!" she added.

Gan and her mum didn't set out to make her prom dress themselves. Originally they'd commissioned someone else to do it but the dress had "ended up horrible" so they decided to take matters into their own hands.

It didn't hurt that Gan was already a talented artist and graphic designer and knew exactly what she wanted to create.

Gan proudly showing off her creation. Image: Twitter/@ciaragan.

"I really wanted my dress to reflect my personality, thus the lilies and bright colors," she told Fox 5.

My dress tells a very personal story about the things I hold close to my heart -- lilies, the color green, painting, and creating new things.

So, what materials does one need to create their own fashion masterpiece? That'd be 12 meters of fabric, a few tubes of acrylic paint and some Swarovski crystals. Oh -- and a lot of patience.

Hard at work! Image: Twitter/@ciaragan.

Gan and her mum painstakingly sewed each of the 13 or so skirt panels one-by-one while the lilies alone took five whole days to paint.

All in all the entire process took about a month.

Needless to say, Twitter has been blowing up with praise for Gan and her mum's amazing dressmaking skills -- with many commenters suggesting that Gan launch her own fashion label.

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Several have been dropping major hints to a certain movie house about creating a brand new 'Painter Princess.'

Others are just trying to get their orders in.

Gan's DMs are so full of inquiries from all over the globe that she's had to make it clear that she'll "only be accepting local commissions."

Having said that, the talented teen doesn't plan on studying art at university.

"I actually want to develop more skills ... that's why I'm taking up a science-related course instead. I want to be able to hone my skills in the arts, but learn something totally different along the way!" she said.

Feature image: Twitter/@ciaragan.