Karl Lagerfeld's Cat Choupette Releases 'RIP Daddy' Clothing Range

The social media team responsible for Choupette's Diary has brought out a commemorative line and it's purrrrrrrfect.

If you don't know who Choupette is, we're here to help. She is, of course, the very famous cat who belonged to the late Karl Lagerfeld. Sad, right, poor puss left orphaned and despite reports, without a huge inheritance...

So it makes perfect sense that she isn't retreating from the public eye while she mourns her famous "daddy". In fact, she's actually launching a limited edition collection of t-shirts, mugs and iPhone cases.

And it's called RIPDaddy.

Which may or may not be creepy.

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Choupette (or rather the account @ChoupettesDiary) has a huge following and a merch store where the #RIPDaddy collection is available. As a press release explains, "While this has been a heartbreaking time, the Choupette's Diary fans, followers, and fashion folk have filled her with love and support for which she will be eternally grateful. With this love and support, it has given her strength to put her best paw forward and launch a commemorative #RIPDaddy collection.".

The range of clothing and accessories is illustrated by Monica Smiley who created the Choupette's Diary logo. They feature Choupette wearing a veil, along with Karl's trademark necktie and dark glasses.

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A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the items will go to helping other animals via the Helen Woodward Animal Centre in Calfornia, so Choupette gets points for giving back, even in her hour of need.

Other stuff you can get to heal Choupette's heart include this phone case, a steal at $34 US:

and this mug for $16 US.

Karl would be proud.

Feature image: Getty