This Beauty Brand Is Making Makeup Accessible To Everyone

A beauty brand has tailored its products to people with disabilities to make makeup accessible to everyone.

For many people living with conditions that impair their ability, doing day-to-day things like putting on makeup can be difficult if not impossible.

Enter beauty brand Grace Beauty which is all about "Enabling beauty independence for everyone."

Anyone, regardless of ability, should be able to use any beauty product they want to.

They've set about creating ergonomically-shaped rubber add-ons for popular beauty products to allow for better grip, control and safety.

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The 'Square Grip' attachment. Image: With Grace Beauty.

The first three products -- the 'Ring Grip', 'Square Grip' and 'Safe Grip' -- are specifically for use with mascara wands and are set to launch in July this year. The brand ships worldwide -- including Australia. 

"They can be attached to any major brand of mascara and are reusable for years to come," states the product description -- and yes, the brand ships worldwide.

The Ring Grip was created as "a general aid for anyone" according to the website.

The ring can be slipped over one or more fingers making it easier to hold and reduce the risk of dropping the wand.

The 'Safe Grip' attachment Image: With Grace Beauty.

The Square Grip attachment can be used on the mascara wand and/or tube "to make it easy to open, hold and control."

Its hexagonal shape, grooves and rubbery texture also enhance usability.

The Safe Grip is a larger bulbous shape that fits snugly in the palm so users don't have to grip as tightly.

The material is "rubbery, flexible but hard which will ensure a grip even though the fingers can’t wrap fully around the grip," according to the description.

The online response from differently-abled beauty lovers -- some living with conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and fibromyalgia -- has been immensely positive so far. 

Insta user @the_gook_goddess gave the Safe Grip the thumbs up, writing, "I have rheumatoid arthritis which has left me with carpal tunnel, holding mascara and brushes hurt big time."

Thank you for coming up with helpful aids so women everywhere can still do their make up and feel good about themselves whilst being comfortable," they added.

"I'm so hyped, nothing like this exists lol," wrote @cassieleerumbaugh.

@_kyliescorner wrote, "As someone who has arthritis and ehlers danlos syndrome makeup is a passion of mine but is quite difficult sometimes."

The fact a brand alone would try to accommodate for people like me is beyond amazing. Thank you for what you do. I will definitely be sharing this around !!!!

"I could honestly cry looking at this, when I have a flare up, there’s no way I can open a tube of mascara. This is amazing! Thank you so much!" wrote @ricochet.addams.

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The 'Ring Grip' attachment. Image: With Grace Beauty.

@plus_sized_peacock wrote,"Omg this looks amazing, I’m always dropping my mascara cause of my grip with the tube being small, this is such a brilliant deal."

"Looks really cool. I have fibromyalgia and find it difficult putting on makeup because it can be painful, I’d love to try this," said @kiera_leannemcc.

"This is a brilliant idea! beauty for all," @railway.street simply said.

While many high-profile beauty brands have made headway when it comes to including and representing different races, genders, ages and body types there's still a huge opportunity to do the same for people with disabilities.

Fashion- and beauty-obsessed journalism student Madison Lawson lives with two forms of muscular dystrophy and uses a wheelchair and breathing assistance. Known as @wheelchairbarbie on Instagram, Lawson told The Beauty Independent about the need for improvements to beauty packaging in particular.

"It's difficult when brands don't really think of people like me who have disabilities and maybe can't open hard closures or lift something that's heavy," she said.

When professional makeup artist Veronica Lorenz had surgery to remove a benign tumour on her spinal cord she lost strength and movement in her hands.

Unable to find any beauty products she could use post-op, Lorenz developed The Vamp Stamp, a silicone stamp that 'stamps' winged eyeliner onto the corner of the eye -- eliminating the need for a brush or pencil.

The shape of the rod is also tailored to differently-abled people as it isn't rounded -- which can be difficult to grasp -- but is instead triangular.

In 2018, Aussie pharmacy chain Priceline teamed up with Vision Australia to release an online makeup tutorial for women who are blind or have low vision.

In the video, Priceline's makeup director Sarah Laidlaw shares her expertise and provides insightful tips and tricks to help two Vision Australia clients Vildana Praljak and Kate Begley adapt their routine to their needs.

Feature image: Getty, Grace Beauty.