Air New Zealand Might Scrap Makeup Rules For Flight Attendants

The strict grooming policies of Air New Zealand might be on the way out, as the airline reconsiders how its female employees need to appear while on the job.

The airline is reportedly reviewing whether female flight attendants should have to apply a face of makeup while on the job, Stuff reports.

The airline has previously enforced pretty strict rules when it comes to staff ~grooming~ standards. A manual released in 2010 warns against scaly hands, smelly breath, lipstick that's too bright (pink and orange are strictly banned) and eyeshadow that's too lurid.

But wearing no makeup at all is also barred -- something that might be set to change as Air New Zealand is currently ironing out the design process for its new uniforms.

Air New Zealand made headlines last year for rejecting a woman from a customer service role because she was sporting a very visible Tinkerbell tattoo just under her neck.

Lynley Baker claimed she'd been progressing well through the airline's recruitment process, and said it was a clear case of discrimination that she was rejected because of the tat.

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It's unclear whether tattoos would be considered in the upcoming Air New Zealand grooming review, but it seems change is in the air when it comes to beauty standards in the skies.

Just this week, Virgin Atlantic announced female flight attendants were no longer required to wear lippy on the job, and they can even opt for trousers instead of a skirt, the Guardian reported.

The airline's executive vice-president of customer service Mark Anderson noted the new guidelines "provide our team with more choice on how they want to express themselves at work” and that Virgin had been "listening to the views of the people."

And surely --  in this, the year of 2019 -- travellers are more concerned about whether a flight attendant is a) bringing them the food and booze they require to make it through a long haul flight and b) prepared to help them out in an emergency situation.

And not whether they're wearing a fresh coat of foundation.

Main Image: YouTube/Britney Spears.