This Woman Wanted An Undercut. Instead She Got The 'World's Worst Haircut'

British woman Lucy Burrows has been left devastated after her hairdresser completely butchered a cut she requested.

We've all been there -- you take a picture of a haircut you absolutely love hoping your hairdresser will deliver the goods, only to leave with something which barely resembles what you first wanted.

Yeah, this story... this is a whole lot worse.

British woman Lucy Burrows has said her "confidence is destroyed" after a local hairdresser "butchered" an undercut she requested.

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Here's the style she originally wanted:

Here's what she got instead:

Lucy Burrows/Facebook.

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When she got home from the salon, the devastated 22-year-old took to Facebook to warn others about the barber.

She wrote: "World's worst haircut. If you’re looking for a butcher you’ve come to the right place. Absolutely destroyed my hair and my confidence I couldn’t even go to work because of this."

Burrows said the incident took place in August last year but she's only now had the courage to post the image.

The barber behind the cut is yet to comment on style.

Feature Image: esta_hed.shed/Instagram, Lucy Burrows/Facebook