Maccas Is Trolling These Designer Shoes That Look Just Like French Fry Containers

Luxury designer brand Balenciaga's pair of red leather mules are copping a grilling online for their similarity to fast food chain McDonald's iconic french fry containers.

The bright red 'Square-toe leather mules' came out in 2018 and were sold for more than AU$1,000 at the fancy department store Barneys New York. 

And get this -- according to the New York Times the shoes have since sold out. We certainly can't find them on the Barneys website so it's totally possible.

Thing is, they bear a striking resemblance to the iconic cardboard containers that everyone's fave Maccas french fries come in -- something which did not go unnoticed by people on the internet.

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We can totally see the similarities between the two -- the square toe, the flat sole and the trademark Maccas red. All that's missing is the Golden Arches -- come on Balenciaga, step up your game.

It poses the question -- why pay hundreds of bucks for footwear when you can get it free with your Big Mac meal?

Image: Twitter/@BruuhConsta.

Micky D's in Sweden clearly agrees. They weighed in with an Instagram post on February 7 that throws some real shade at Balenciaga's shoes -- or the 'McBalenciaga's as they're now known.

For those who don't speak Swedish, the caption reads: "If we get 103,042 likes we release these for real."

103,042? It's a weirdly specific target number but okay. At this point, Maccas Sweden is still about 70 thousand likes off their target. You know what to do, guys. Get liking.

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Remember, kids, Balenciaga is the brand that brought us the following sartorial disasters ... er, we mean, delights -- which are, by the way, not cheap at all.

Platform Crocs

Their platform Crocs -- we can't believe we just typed that -- caused a mini-sensation upon their release in 2018 and unlike their cheap-as-chips inspo, this pink pair will set you back a cool $850.

Image: Balenciaga.
Ugly 'dad' sneakers

The 'Triple S sneakers' are chunky and ugly and just like what your dad wore in the '90s -- and they cost upwards of $1,000! But it-models like Hailey Baldwin and Bella Hadid do love 'em.

Image: Balenciaga.
Bootleg jeans

According to the brand's Spring '19 lookbook, our trusty pair of skinny jeans are no longer en vogue -- flared denim is where it's at. Groovy, baby.

Image: Balenciaga.
The 'T-shirt' shirt

As the name suggests it's a T-shirt and shirt one -- what more do you need? Part of the brand’s Fall '18 collection, it retails for $1,290 -- but you could probs DIY your own.

Image: Balenciaga.
The Exxy IKEA Bag

And who can forget the $2,145 leather tote bag inspired by IKEA’s iconic 99c Frakta carry bag?

Image: Balenciaga.

Feature image: Instagram/@mcdonaldssverige, Twitter/@BruuhConsta.