Cosmetic Animal Testing Has Just Been Banned In Australia

The Australian government has just passed the Industrial Chemical Charges Bill 2017 -- effectively banning cosmetic animal testing in the country.

The bill was first introduced in the Senate in June 2017, and late this week it was passed, marking a major milestone in the fight to ban animal testing globally.

The government has committed to 11 substantial measures to ensure that all cosmetic ingredients are included in the ban, along with funding to support the development of new non-animal test methods.

Iconic skincare brand The Body Shop has been campaigning to ban animal testing for over three decades and hails the news as "fantastic progress."

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"Hopefully, we will see more governments around the world follow suit," said Shannon Chrisp from The Body Shop Australia.

Last year, the brand managed to gather over eight million signatures on an anti-animal testing petition that they (together with Cruelty Free International- presented to the United Nations. 

Their goal was to "create a global framework to end animal testing." With the newly passed bill, Australia joins the European Union, Canada and Brazil in banning animal testing in cosmetics.

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In a statement released on February 15Greens senator for NSW and animal welfare advocate Mehreen Faruqi said that both she and her party "welcomed" the ban and vowed to maintain pressure on the government to follow through.

Alternatives to testing cosmetics on animals include using computer data, laboratory-created tissues and patch-testing on people.

Feature image: Getty.