Does This Model Look Plus-Sized To You? One Clothing Brand Thinks So

Retailer Boohoo has come under fire after using a woman to model their plus-size range who many believe looks "too small".

The firestorm began after Twitter user Talia (@taltemme) posted an image showing model Anna Fitzdorf wearing a lace bodysuit from Boohoo's plus-size collection which is inclusive of sizes 16-24.

"When will @boohoo realise this is not plus size," Talia wrote on the tweet.

It quickly gained traction, with many agreeing with Talia that the model appeared far too small to be used to showcase a plus-size range.

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The online retailer has since spoken out about the controversy, telling the Metro that the model in question fits perfectly into their plus-size range.

"We want every woman to be able to access great fashion at the best prices, and we continue to focus on developing our plus-size and curve, tall and petite ranges.

We work very closely with several model agencies to ensure we have a diverse range of models on site who promote responsible and healthy body images."

"Our aim is to use models that reflect different body shapes and sizes to ensure that our brand continues to celebrate and promote diversity."

In a previous interview with UK television network ITV, the model, Fitzdorf, claimed she was a size 12-14.

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The same furore erupted back in 2016 after the brand first began using Fitzdorf to model their plus-size range.

It didn't go down well.

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Things ended up getting so heated, that Fitzdorf herself stepped in to address claims she was too small to be modelling a plus-size range.

Feature Image: Boohoo