Bondi Sands Explains Why Its Men's Self-Tan Costs $2 Less Than Women's

Aussie self-tanning brand Bondi Sands is selling a tanning product specifically for men that costs $2 less than the female equivalent.

The brand's 'Everyday Gradual Tanning Foam For Men' is priced at $17.95 on the Bondi Sands website while the 'female' version of the exact same product, 'Everyday Gradual Tanning Foam' is selling for $2 more at $19.95.

The description for both products is remarkably similar except that the men's one is referred to as having "a fresh masculine scent." The women's product is instead "infused with a scent of cocoa butter."

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Image: Bondi Sands.

Both products are currently discounted however the women's version still costs more -- the men's is on sale for $12.57 and the women's for $13.97, which is a $1.40 difference between the two.

Turns out there's a pretty simple explanation.

Bondi Sands James co-founder/director told 10 daily that even though the products are from the same range they are different sizes -- hence the price difference.

The Everyday Gradual Tanning Foam For Men is 225ml, while the Everyday Gradual Tanning Foam is 270ml -- that's a 45ml difference.

"The extra 45ml drives up the cost," James explained.

He also pointed out that even though their men's range has and will continue to grow Bondi Sands has always intended for their products to be used by everyone.

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James and Bondi Sands co-owner Shaun Wilson explained why they decided to launch a product tailored to men back in 2017, telling the Daily Mail that they had noticed an increased interest in male tanning products -- but that blokes weren't too keen on the smell.

"The feedback I was getting [from guys] was that they wanted a product that maybe didn't smell like cocoa butter or coconut -- they wanted something a bit more masculine," James said.

Hence why the men's tanning foam has a "masculine" scent -- but as the website states, "Guys (and girls) can use any of our products."

Feature image: Bondi Sands.