Top Shop Staff Were Told To Wear "Skimpy" Clothes When Boss Visited

The staff of retail giant Top Shop say they were asked to wear revealing clothes for Sir Philip Green's visits.

Hold on to your lunch, because this one may make you feel queasy.

Former employees of retailer Top Shop said that they were told by managers to wear "skimpy" outfits when boss Sir Philip Green inspected stores in America.

The employees who worked at the US stores have alleged that Sir Philip behaved in a "sleazy" manner when he visited, and one former personal shopper even alleged that her team was told to wear miniskirts.


They also made complaints about sexual harassment being rife within the company, and about the lack of action by the company to act when those complaints were made.

Yep, you read that right. And it gets worse...

The billionaire was also alleged to have made offensive remarks about employees he believed were gay, including, says The Telegraph in the UK, calling people "dykes" and "fa**ots".

Oh, what a lovely place to work. A "Top" Shop indeed.

Green front row at Fashion Week with Alexa Chung, Pixie Geldof, Kendall Jenner, Cara Delavingne, and Jordan Dunne in 2015. Image: Getty

Last week, the Telegraph revealed how five former employees each signed so-called "gagging clauses" after making allegations about Sir Philip’s behaviour.

After fighting a six-month legal case against the billionaire, the Telegraph was able to reveal some other quite staggering things from those employees:

  • A female executive was paid more than AU$1.80 million after she accused Green of groping her.
  • A black male executive was paid a similar amount after Sir Philip allegedly racially abused him.
  • Two other women accused Sir Philip of sexual harassment.
  • Another male executive complained about aggressive and intimidating behaviour after Sir Philip allegedly smashed his mobile phone.

Sir Philip has denied any "unlawful" conduct and has previously described his behaviour as "banter".


Since the first report by the Telegraph came out, a number of former Top Shop employees have come forward sharing stories of sexual harassment and racial abuse.

Feature Image: Getty/Top Shop