See-Through Combat Pants, Uggs As Haute Couture -- What Is Going On With Fashion?

It has been a big weekend in the fashion world, but there are some things out there that have to be seen to be believed.

Onine retailed ASOS has done it again -- releasing a pair of organza combat pants that have caused a meltdown on social media. And not for good reason.

The pants (below) are by Flounce London, cost a rather pricey $72, (given the fact that they cover nothing and will not keep you warm) are made from 100 percent polyester and would not go down well while doing the Bunnings run.

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The website describes the pants, saying, "Some days call for a little extra."

"Smooth, crisp organza. Wafer-thin and sheer as you like."

They go on to describe the brand's aesthetic. "Whatever the occasion, nail your going-out ’fit with Flounce London's collection of party pieces. Streamline your silhouette in velvet and metallic bodysuits, or choose from fancier-than-your-average embellished dresses."

Or just some pants that show off your undies.

ASOS has a long history of giving shoppers things they never wanted -- with pants seeming to be high on the list.

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And if that wasn't enough for fashionistas to get their designer duds in a knot about, then watch out for the latest in the "once ugly shoes as fashion" game.

Hot on the -- ahem -- "heels" of those Balenciaga Crocs, came the unveiling of a new breed of Uggs at New York Fashion Week.

High-end American fashion house Eckhaus Latta debuted an Ugg collaboration as part of their show.

Image: Nathan Perkel for Ugg

Granted they're not see-through, or violent colours, or thigh length (and yes, we definitely can see ourselves wearing the cream mules) but they are still Uggs. And they're on the catwalk. As fashion.

Image: Nathan Perkel for Ugg

The designers told The Cut that transforming the furry footwear was a fun thing to work on and that what they really wanted to do was change people's idea of what an Ugg is. "We wanted to twist something that was so built into the iconography of the Ugg. It’s so bubbly and round. So, we removed that and making the toe shapes blocky and square."

The jury is out on whether they also made Uggs cool.

Feature image: ASOS and Nathan Perkel for Ugg