Natasha Lyonne From 'Russian Doll' Is Our New Curly Haired Hero

If you're watching the Netflix series Russian Doll you will know that the true star of the show is Natasha Lyonne’s hair and in particular her amazing curly fringe.

You see, it's been a long time since the curly-haired among us have had permission to get bangs. Common wisdom has been that curly fringes are "too hard to manage" or "too big" or "too frizzy".

No more.

Now everyone wants the look. And we can see why.


Celebrity hairstylist Marcel Dagenais was the man responsible for this, the world's best fringe.

In addition to creating the character Nadia’s red, effortlessly curly look (“Natasha wanted her to look rock and roll, not cutesy”), Dagenais was given the job of maintaining a sense of continuity via her hair, he told The Cut.

In other words, he had to get her hair to look exactly the same every morning, since -- spoiler alert! -- her character constantly dies and repeats her life in the show. 

And from the reactions on social media, he nailed it.

He went on to say that he only had 40 minutes to get Lyonne ready every morning, so he used a diffuser to speed up the process, asking her to come to set with wet hair "to avoid frizz or too much bedhead.”

We asked TCT Global Hairdresser of the Year and owner of Intershape Hair, Matrix Australia's Kobi Bokshish how to style the curliest of fringes in case you, too, wanna get more bangs for your buck.

"I love natural curl and I love fringes with curls," he told 10 daily. "But you need to have the face for a fringe! And if you do, then you just have to follow these rules."

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"First of all -- rule one -- when you shampoo the hair you have to use a lot of nourishing shampoo and conditioner. And then you get out of the shower you have to use product, you can't just let it dry.  You need to have something to hold it -- a foundation -- for that I would recommend Curl Please by Matrix. Start with using the conditioning lotion all over the hair, applying it with your fingers -- don't use a brush or a comb. If you want more of a curl, twirl the hair around your finger."

"Rule two, the best way to get a good result is to then let it air dry.  If you don't have time, spend some money on a good diffuser --  I recommend the Y.S. Park diffuser. When the fringe is dry -- or 80 percent dry -- then you can gently brush it with your fingers. You can loosen the curl with a chopstick or the end of a tail comb -- run it through to get more definition. And then use a bit of paste to make the curl stay in place."

Rule three. Sleep on a silk pillowcase. They're really good for curly hair because they don't rough up the hair cuticle. So it won't go frizzy. Then when you get up, don't wash it again, just have a water spray and mist the hair down, then go through the same process as you did before.

The end result -- well, Lyonne's mane.

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Time to go forth and be brave, curly-haired lasses (and lads, after all, curls get the girls, right?)

And lastly, don't listen to the naysayers -- if you want to try the style for yourself, you go for it. We got you.

Feature image: Netflix.