Here's What The Year Of The Pig Means For You

The Lunar New Year kicks off on Tuesday and the star of the show is the twelfth animal in the Chinese zodiac -- the pig.

The pig is ordinarily associated with the element of water -- the other four elements are earth, fire, metal and wood.

The lunar year of 2019, however, is associated with earth, meaning it's officially the year of the earth pig.

So, what does this mean for us?

Well, there are three different areas or 'levels' that the Year of the Pig can be broken down into, Feng Shui and Chinese astrology consultant Edgar Lok Tin Yung told 10 daily.

They are the heaven, earth and human levels.

On a heaven level, his creates a bit of an imbalance -- and the potential for disaster, Yung told 10 daily. That's because the earth element is positioned above the water which isn't able to support the weight of the earth. You can probably guess what happens here -- the earth collapses into the water.

In a literal sense, this means natural disasters, according to Yung. Even though we haven't officially begun the Chinese New Year, the last month or so has been dotted with devastating fires, floods, storms and extreme temperatures both in Australia and around the globe.

On an earth level, we need to be conscious of energy from the direction of the west -- which isn't a great energy, Yung explained. Just look at what's happening politically in the west -- the US and Europe -- right now.

Closer to home, people living in west-facing homes need to be conscious about not disturbing the negative western energy which means avoiding renovating those areas.

On a human level, the Year of the Pig is going to affect those people born in the Year of the Snake, Monkey, Tiger and of course the Pig, in particular.

Snakes will experience a lot of changes -- a new job, moving house, going on a long holiday, or spending money, Yung said. Cheeky Monkeys are advised to take less risks to stay in line with the steady, calm Pig while Tigers will have a productive yet patience-testing year.

Pigs, ironically, are in for a tough 12 months due to a belief in 'Ben Ming Nian' -- this basically means that when your birth sign and the lunar year sign match you're in for bad luck.

According to Australian psychic and founder of Absolute Soul Secrets Rose Smith, people born in the Year of the Pig should take special precautions such as wearing jade accessories or doing rituals -- more on this later.

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Big pig energy

All in all, the Year of the Pig will be an "intensely powerful year" according to Smith.

Everyone, regardless of whether you're a Pig or not, needs to get deeply in touch with what Smith calls "our own pig energy" in order to successfully ride out the chaotic 12 months ahead.

That means working hard and making some money -- in Chinese culture, pigs are the symbol of wealth . Start filling those piggy banks!

Most importantly, the Year of the Pig is about sharing with others.

"You could do some charity work, help someone out, or be extra kind to someone who needs it. Doing this helps with good luck and wonderful opportunities in career, finances and personal life," she said.

Just like real piggies, we shouldn't be afraid to get down and dirty during times of chaos and confusion, Smith said. Take time out, think for yourself and avoid going along with the herd, she explained.

Overall, our Pig mantra should be generosity, honesty, dedication, patience and truth.

What to wear

We can enhance our #BigPigEnergy -- let's make it a thing, guys -- with the clothes we wear, according to Smith.

"Good colours for everyone to wear are bright reds, pinks, oranges, yellow, warm whites and greys, brown," she said.

These warm, fiery tones are the perfect foil for the Pig's cold water energy.

With that in mind, Smith recommends steering clear of cool tones such as ice white, cool blues and greens -- "too much water could add too much emotion," she explained.

The exception to this colour rule is jade jewellery which is, as per its name, a brilliant jade green colour. Jade is thought to bring good luck -- something which Pigs, in particular, need this year. Best start stacking on those jade jewels, then.

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Stuck in the mud

If you do find yourself stuck don't waste your energy thrashing around -- try a ritual instead, Smith advised.

"If I had a run of things going pear-shaped I would do a personal ritual to diffuse bad luck. Use your intuition and look to nature for signs such as moon phases and design your own ritual around that," she said.

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