Justin Bieber's New Fashion Line Is Here And People Can't Deal With How Much It Costs

The Biebs teased his debut clothing line, House Of Drew, with a $7 pair of hotel slippers back in December 2018 but the price tags on the full range of t-shirts, hoodies and pants have left fans p*ssed.

The 24-year-old's much-hyped collection went on sale online on Wednesday with prices ranging from $67 for a t-shirt (USD$48), $137 for a hoodie (USD$98) and $206 (USD$148) for a corduroy button-up shirt.

The skater-chic range comes in grungy colours like mustard, tan, tomato red and black with the trademark House Of Drew yellow smiley face logo featuring throughout.

Fans have been waiting patiently for months for the line to drop but have been left disgruntled by the cost of the garments -- and they've let their feelings be known online.

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One Instagram user, @.rxu3, said "yall n*ggs trippin...$148 for a hoodieeeee nahhh." while @valeriacarrasco1 added, "I'm not rich!"

@ryxntxylor drew a comparison between the hotel slippers Bieber released back in December -- which cost just $7 (USD$5) -- and the cost of the new line, saying, "you sold 5 dollar slippers and then you go on to sell a 68 dollar t shirt"

@yassine.maf wondered, "Yall accept kidneys ? ?????????" while @querida_lizy simply said, "Bro, I'm poor ??"

For @ali_wolfgirl it was a big thank you, next: "Sorry but even if I could afford I will not buy. I like style and colors and these have neither so it’s a big no from me."

@reckonjustin was still salty about the "Sorry" singer's exxy tour merchandise, saying, "'Cheap' lmao y’all robbed us on his tour/ stadium merch. We have no money left plus y’all except us to be rich like you guys."

@reckonjustin had an idea to earn some cash for the threads -- "Guess I’ll have to become a stripper, who’s tagging with me?" -- but, guys, please don't do that.

The $67 Secret SS Tee in black. Image: House Of Drew.

Sure, the line is pretty pricey but there are a few aspects to consider. First, the garments are 100% cotton and, according to the site, "ethically made in limited quantities in Los Angeles, USA."

Plus, the hoodies, tees and shirts are all unisex so you can share them with your boo -- in fact, the item description for the hoodie states, "don't be surprised if your ex "borrowed" this one without telling you. we suggest getting a backup."

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Each item description also contains a random fact -- "all swans in England belong to the queen" for example -- which is cute and quirky but has nothing to do with the price or anything, really.

ICYMI -- the newlywed created an Insta account with the handle @drewhouse -- Drew is his middle name -- back in November 2018 after reportedly applying for an apparel trademark under ‘The House of Drew’ and ‘La Maison Drew’ at the start of the year.

Before the eponymous -- and cheap -- slippers dropped in December we'd not heard much about his upcoming venture although both Biebs and his new wife Hailey had been spotted wearing a series of t-shirts and hoodies bearing the brand's smiley logo for a few months.

What's next for HOD? A runway show at Paris Fashion Week? Who knows -- but we'll be watching.

Feature image: House Of Drew.