Victoria Beckham Called Out For 'Overpriced' Reebok Collection

Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham has released an 'athleisure' collection with Reebok -- but fans don't wannabe be paying too much for the sporty pieces.

The designer launched her Reebok X Victoria Beckham line of "elevated streetwear" that includes hoodies, jogger pants, tees and bomber jackets for women and men.

"Tailored, yet tough and meant to move with you from the street to the gym and back again," Beckham wrote on her Instagram of the new collection.

However, while her followers are loving the new collection of chic gym wear -- they aren't too jazzed about the "extortionate" prices.

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Fans have pointed out that some pieces from the VB collab are very similar to other Reebok items in the brand's catalogue, but with much higher price tags.

While the Victoria Beckham seamless textured leggings on the left will set you back $180, Reebok's own Lux 3/4 leggings cost just $70.


Posh Spice fans have also baulked at a $180 beanie, $350 Classics sneakers and a $557 pair of snap trousers -- calling them out as unreasonably high for the Reebok brand.


“Nice but extortionate prices,” wrote one fan of the former Spice Girl on Instagram.

"Joggers are like £220... the trainers even more than that. I’d have to remortgage my house to afford the whole outfit she is wearing," wrote another British fan.

"$200 for a sweater. Does it wash and hang itself to dry too??!!" one VB fan optimistically asked.

However, one savvy fashion follower pointed out that while Reebok isn't a luxury brand, the 10-year-old Victoria Beckham brand does carry a higher price tag so it's not surprising the collab costs more.

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"Reebok isn't top end but VB is," wrote one Insta commenter, tagging a friend. "Have you seen Stella McCartney's range for Adidas? Triple [the] price."

Main Image: Instagram.