We've Found The Best Foundations To Last You Through The Heatwave

The team here at 10 daily have put their faces on the line to find the best long-wearing foundations on the market that won't smudge, even when you're sweating bullets in this heat.

In case you didn't already realise, it's hot. It's very, very hot, and it's expected to be very, very hot for a number of days yet.

Apart from meaning that we should start stocking up on Frosty Fruits, it also means we need to make sure our foundation is ready-to-go to cope with the sweltering conditions.

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To help you make that ever important choice, we asked the women of 10 daily to try out a range on long-wearing foundations of varying prices (we gotcha, girl) and give their honest verdict.

Here we go!

Natio Flawless Foundation SPF15

"I normally wear BB cream during the day; this similarly felt lightweight on my skin which I liked. Coverage was good and lasted quite well in this heat, although I did find I needed to follow with powder to keep it in place. SPF is a tick for me as well, so a good all-rounder," -- 10 daily news producer Emma Brancatisano

Bobbi Brown’s Skin Longwear Weightless Foundation SPF 30

"I’ve been wearing this for a few days and it’s been great. It’s quite full coverage, which often means that if you rub your face in the wrong way you’ll lose a fingerprint of makeup altogether, but this didn’t noticeably budge through the day.

"I used my Hourglass mineral primer underneath and set it with powder products, and it did a fab job of just staying put and looking fresh, even after a day at work. Would recommend," -- 10 daily entertainment editor Stephanie Anderson

Kat Von D Lock-It Liquid Foundation

"The medium-warm foundation was a little light for my skin but I made it work.

"It did, however, do everything it promised providing me with a full coverage effect. As usual, I put a little powder on top of my skin creating a totally flawless look.

"The best part is it lasted all day ... and I start work at 5am," -- 10 daily video producer Jasmine Motti

Revlon Colorstay Full Cover Foundation

"Creamy with a drying matte finish, Revlon's game is strong with this one.

"It doesn't have the fluidity (or at least doesn't appear to) allowing you to rub it into your skin -- so adding a little moisturiser will help create a lighter finish which you can also build for stronger coverage.

"This has an outrageously long-lasting power -- I'm talking all day and all night -- which makes it PERFECTION for this hot summer weather. Plus, it's super affordable and you can pick it up almost anywhere." -- 10 daily lifestyle editor Natasha Lee 

Estée Lauder Double Wear Fluid SPF10

"So, full disclosure, I didn’t wear this for a full day, so I can’t give you a rundown on how it lasts over a day, but it was absolutely HOT AS BALLS for the time that I was wearing it, so I’m basing my review on that.

"It was good! I used the Hourglass mineral primer that I always use, and it applied well over that, offering full coverage while not feeling too thick or heavy on my skin. I did a quick powder contour over the top and then set it with MAC’s Mineralize Skin Finish, and set about my afternoon.

"Now, when I say that it was hot, I mean I was sweating up a storm, my face was sweating, but this makeup stayed put. It felt like my skin could breathe (and sweat) but without letting the makeup slide off my face into a puddle on the sidewalk. Love that, would recommend." --  10 daily entertainment editor Stephanie Anderson

Napoleon Perdis China Doll Foundation

"I've been a fan of Napoleon since way back but this is the first time I've actually tried his foundation.

"Apart from smelling divine (always a good thing) -- the texture of the foundation is creamy yet balanced enough to give you full-face coverage without looking caked-on.

"The formula required a little more blending than I'm used to (read: I'm lazy) but once blended in it sits seamlessly on the skin.

"When it comes to staying power? This has got it. It lasted all day on a 35-degree day and most of the night." -- 10 daily lifestyle editor Natasha Lee 

Genie Beauty Nutratanicals Full Coverage Antioxidant Foundation

"I forgot I had foundation on, to be honest, which says something about how light this is.

I don't usually wear foundation because my parents cursed me with knobbly knees but blessed me with pretty decent skin, so I only chuck it on when I'm having a breakout. But NOT wearing any kind of foundation can sometimes feel a bit unfinished, so I'm tempted to make this part of my daily routine -- just a little light coverage, you know?

"Covers only the most minimum of flaws but sometimes that's what you need -- it also lasts the day pretty damn well," -- 10 daily news producer Alex Bruce-Smith

Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Wear foundation

"So light! Here's the thing -- this foundation glides on with such ease and that you don't expect it to give you the amazing coverage that it does.

"Being as light as it is, it's perfect for the hot weather and lets the skin breathe through the humidity.

"As for its lasting power -- I wore this during a long-hot day while out in the sun ( yes, I was wearing sunscreen, mum) and it barely budged by the time I got home," -- 10 daily lifestyle editor Natasha Lee 

Feature Image: Getty